“Go Forth, Spread Positivity”

By: Patrick E. Phillips

The coming of November marks the final stretch of the semester. For college students, this means cramming for final exams, wondering why we procrastinated on our final papers and wishing that winter break would get here sooner.

Xavier University Department of Art’s 2D Design class decided to alleviate this anxiety with its campus-wide project “Go Forth, Spread Positivity.”

Using chalk, yarn, finger-paintings and leaves, 2D Design students displayed encouraging messages to motivate students through the final stretch of the semester.

2D Design professor Jonathon Gibson led the class through the project.

“The project was initially about transformation and how objects transition from point A to point B,” Gibson said.

“We were just spit-balling ideas and someone said let’s do something that makes people smile, so spreading positivity became the theme,” sophomore art major Anna McDonnell said.

“It was just putting something out there for people to see and words that express positivity,” sophomore art major Karen May said.

Outside of Fenwick Place, the students drew multi-colored words in chalk, writing motivational phrases such as “Radiate positive vibes” and “Adventure is out there.”

Light blue, navy blue and gray yarn wrappings were tied around the trees on the Xavier Yard and the railings outside Cintas Center and Fenwick Place.

Tags with the words “Spread Positivity” were attached to the yarn wrappings.

The students created finger-painted prints in the cafeteria with the words “Prints for Positivity” stickered in the middle. These were then hung in various locations around campus.

The class also created a hashtag for the project, “#xugoforth,” allowing students to spread their own positivity through tweeted messages or images.

The project is still in progress, as the students work on a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi made out of leaves.

Keep your eyes peeled for the 2D design class’ hard work around campus.

Information and photos of “Go Forth, Spread Positivity” can be found Xavier University Department of Art Facebook page.