Cincinnati staple restaurant closes

By: Brandon Martin

It’s Just Crepes has closed its doors. After five years of business and a wildly loyal clientele base, the small Cincinnati restaurant chain has closed its doors for unknown reasons.

The proprietors of It’s Just Crepes were unavailable for comment, having disconnected their phone line as well as deactivating all of their social media accounts.

Bill Anspach, a resident of Cincinnati and frequent patron of It’s Just Crepes, called the closing “tragic” and “disappointing.”

“It was one of my favorite luncheon spots downtown. Now where am I supposed to go a grab a quick bite on my break from work?” Anspach said.

It’s Just Crepes opened five years ago and quickly became a staple of Cincinnati. The restaurant is known for adding its own flare to crepes, a thin, French pancake traditionally combined with chocolate, fruit, cheese or ham, and added their own flare to them.

It’s Just Crepes introduced creative crepe combinations such as the Southwestern Crepe, consisting of classic Tex-Mex ingredients and the Elvis Presley Crepe, which was comprised of peanut butter, jelly and fried banana, amongst a myriad of others.

These, in conjunction with the reasonable prices that It’s Just Crepes offered, made it a favorite lunch hovel of Cincinnati residents. The niche restaurant found critical acclaim and was quickly successful, finding itself in a position to open and maintain three locations, one on Fourth and Elm Street, a second on East Court Street and a final location in Crescent Springs, Ky.

In late 2013 the stores closed down with signs posted claiming that the stores were undergoing “routine maintenance” but were never reopened.

The It’s Just Crepes website has posted a message saying, “Thank you for 5 great years Cincinnati. It’s been a pleasure serving you.”