Tarantino script reveals ends film’s production

By: Grant Vance~Staff Writer~

Normally, updates from master filmmaker Quentin Tarantino are greeted with open arms.

Last Tuesday wasnot one of those occasions.

After his newest script for a project entitled “The Hateful Eight” was leaked online, Tarantino has decided to no longer film the project and instead plans to release the Western as a novel reported Mike Flemming Jr. of “Deadline.”

Tarantino called Flemming to express his decision of abandoning the project due to feelings of betrayal and depression.

Tarantino reported that only six people had been given the script, Bruce Dern (“Nebraska”), Tim Roth (“Pulp Fiction”), Michael Madsen (“Kill Bill”), and their respective agents, so he suspects one of the actors’ agents was responsible.

Madsen and Roth are both “A Band Apart” alumni – both cast in Tarantino’s first film “Reservoir Dogs” – making their innocence more probable.

Tarantino has stated he believes there is no way Tim Roth could be responsible.

Despite speculation, due to the nature of this leak, the culprit will likely never be discovered.

This is a troubling situation, but thanks to a questionable move by the website “Gawker Media,” Tarantino has been given a target for his icy cold dish of revenge.

After the website openly released the script to the public as their own story, Tarantino has decided to sue them for one million dollars for encouraging illegal copyright infringement.

Although a new film from Tarantino before 2016 would be a case of divine intervention, he did report to Flemming that there is another script he has been working on.

With the announcement of this project and the potential of the elusive “The Hateful Eight” coming in novel form, Tarantino will still continue to entertain audiences nonetheless.