“Grand Budapest Hotel” stylish and hilarious

By: Patrick Phillips ~Staff Writer~

Wes Anderson has released yet another quirky and hilarious success with his most recent film “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” With an all-star cast of actors and an engaging story, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is another in a long line of directorial successes for Anderson.

The film follows the story of M. Gustave, the illustrious owner of an elegant hotel, and his trusty lobby boy, Zero, as they escape the police after stealing a priceless Renaissance painting and being wrongfully accused of murder.

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Director Wes Anderson’s ninth film installment, “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

The most notable feature of “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is its witty script. Screenwriters Anderson, Stefan Zweig and Hugo Guinness artfully craft dia­logue that not only offers laughs but also progresses the story for­ward. The role of Gustave was perfect for Ralph Fiennes’ suave nature. Perfectly balancing his high-brow comedy was newcomer Tony Revolori’s stoic, unmoving presentation of Zero.

While their individual perfor­mances were noteworthy, the fa­milial relationship they cultivate throughout the film creates the heart of the movie.

The growing connection be­tween Zero and Gustave gives the film a very touching sense of intimacy.

However, the abundance of quirky obstacles the two characters face distracts from this connec­tion for the majority of the film, getting in the way of centralizing on their growing companionship.

On the technical side, Anderson continues to implement his stylis­tic cinematography. Scenes easily change as the camera is moved linearly, revealing a new set. The score of the film also set the time period and quirky mood of the film very effectively.

Overall, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is an entertaining, visually unique film that is worth seeing. The film is currently being shown at select movie theaters.

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