Fall – Winter

By: Hollis Conners ~Features Editor~

The weather has been suspiciously perfect these past few weeks. The highs have reached up to 60 while the lows have refused to dip below freezing. Students are enjoying the sweater weather, the scarves and their pumpkin spice lattes. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. All of Xavier will be subjected to ice, sleet and salt-stained shoes because winter is coming.

When the weather is perfect…

Lately the sun has been shining brightly, accompanied by a light breeze. The rolling hills of the Midwest are a mixture of reds, oranges and yellows, which provide many photo opportunities for the Instagram-loving college students.

867-arrow-pointing-down-inside-a-circle-outline-iconThese lovely colors will inevitably become a landscape of neutrals. The leaves will dry up and everyone will run indoors in fear of the snow that will surely come.

When your clothes are on point…

This is the season of riding boots, plaid button- ups and fashion scarves. Most agree that fall presents the best clothing opportunities. Summer is too hot for accessories and winter is the time for blankets and sweatshirts. Students are taking advantage of being able to rock their best outfits without being too hot or too cold.

867-arrow-pointing-down-inside-a-circle-outline-iconSadly, all cute clothes will run their course. Students will dig out their sweatpants and puffy coats to protect themselves from the sub-zero temperatures of winter, while sweating profusely as they sit in classrooms set to 85 degrees.

When you don’t have to use the defroster…

Who doesn’t appreciate being able to get into their car and drive without being held up by having to defrost the car? Some even may crack their windows for a slight breeze while enjoying the car ride.

867-arrow-pointing-down-inside-a-circle-outline-iconOne morning students will wake up with frost on their windshields, and that’s when we know it’s all over. Not only will students be late for class because they forgot to factor in the time it takes to hack away the ice on their windows, but they also have to trap themselves in a freezing car with a freezing steering wheel.

When daylight lasts…

Before Daylight Saving Time, the days are long and a lot can get accomplished. There is simply more time for homework, friends and even exercise. More daylight not only provides extra “time,” but also extra energy.

867-arrow-pointing-down-inside-a-circle-outline-iconAfter Daylight Saving Time, we are initially happy for that extra hour of sleep. Then students are wondering what went wrong when it begins to get dark around 5 p.m. Daylight becomes scarce, as does motivation to do anything besides binge-watching Netflix.

When you have the feeling of
eternal happiness…

The aftershocks of summer are still fresh and strong. Most students rejoice at the cooler temperatures and spend endless amounts of time outside playing frisbee and walking around campus. Everyone loves each other and loves being back at school.

867-arrow-pointing-down-inside-a-circle-outline-iconSoon everyone is cursing the fact that summer ended because their hands are cold and their hearts have frozen. They feel betrayed by Mother Nature and are soon feeling hopeless because school is pointless and home is a much happier place.

On the other hand…

Fall may have many wonderful opportunities available once a year, but there are a few things it is missing.

867-arrow-pointing-down-inside-a-circle-outline-iconThe holidays! The winter may be long, dark, hopeless and cold but it has more holidays than any other season. So look at the bright side; with winter comes Thanksgiving carbs, Christmas spirit and hot chocolate.