What to look forward to…

By: James Neyer ~Staff Writer~

For Bengals fans and fans of laughing at the Bengals, the must-see exhibit this Oktoberfest will be former Bengals quarterback Ken Anderson performing the Chicken Dance at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 19 on Fountain Square. Another event that everyone should attend, which will be equal parts amusing and adorable, is the annual Running of the Wieners. If you wish to see 100 Dachshunds wearing hot dog buns racing, then show up at noon on Friday, Sept. 18 at Fountain Square. In addition, whenever you might grab a drink or food at one of the various tents or Biergartens, you can enjoy the traditional song and dance of the German people.

For those students who are 21 and older, this year’s Oktoberfest will have something for all to enjoy—more beverages—with 40 craft and specialty beers being added to the menu. These beers come from both local and regional breweries, such as MadTree, Braxton and Mt. Carmel. For those students who do not care for the special local brews, they can find familiarity in the Biergartens or tents maintained by such breweries as Beck’s, Budweiser, Yuengling and many more. Anyone who has a taste for beer will find their taste buds satisfied this weekend.