Freshman Year

By: Michael Fisher ~Guest Writer~

The time is here. It seems like there is a test or paper due every day, leaving you pulling all-nighters, not to mention tearing out your hair. You feel as if there is no way out, except for dropping each of your classes. There is a way out. One that can keep you on your way to earning a degree. Remember, you are not alone. Your peers are likely feeling the same way you do. So here a few things to help you keep up with the ongoing demands of your courses:

1) Find a study buddy – This really helps with tests. Practically all the professors I have spoken with recommended it. Together you can anticipate what the professor is going to ask you, and you can even quiz each other to make sure you have understood the material. If you have not made friends with anyone in your classes, do not be afraid to introduce yourself. Start with the person you normally sit next to. Say, “Hey, you know that test is coming up — do you want to study together sometime?”

2) Prioritize – When you have multiple papers due, focus on the one that needs to be done first. When you have finished that, move on to the next one. Focusing on one paper at a time, instead of all of them at once, will make it easier on yourself. When you focus on all of your papers at once, you are more likely to stress yourself out and struggle to complete them. When the going gets tough, focus on what is due the next day.

3) Use your time wisely – There is a quote somewhere in the Xavier student planner that says, “Anytime can be study time.” Say you have 30 minutes or an hour in between class, use that time to get a little studying done or work on that paper that is due tomorrow. It is tempting to go back to the dorm for a quick nap, but the work builds up, so it is better to maximize all the free time you have. You will be grateful that you did.

4) Join relevant clubs – While joining extracurricular activities may seem like a time commitment, they can actually help with time management. With the right lineup of clubs that reflect your academic and future interests, you can do some of your studying and future planning, while also getting social time. There are literary clubs for those English majors who wish to go into a career of journalism or writing. There is the business fraternity for business majors and a club for the future entrepreneurs of America.

My Freshman Year I… 

Nick Bergeman – Class of ’16 | “…confidently walked into an 11:30 class at 12:00 because I thought it started at noon.”
Clare Burke – Class of ’16 | “…constantly walked into the wrong classrooms.”
Hannah Cregan – Class of ’16 | “…lost my AllCard the very first weekend of school…and possibly the second.”