Senior James Farr reflects on his athletic career

By: Newswire ~Interview~

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Newswire Photo by Adam Spegele | James Farr (2), from Evanston, Ill., displays his athleticism while guarding an Ole-Miss player. Farr averaged an impressive 4.2 points per game during the 2014-15 season in addition to 5.3 rebounds per game and 29 blocks.

With the basketball season ready to tip off, the Newswire had the opportunity to sit down with senior forward James Farr to discuss the upcoming season.

Newswire: You’ve been here four years now. Are there any ways in which you’ve grown as a person or a player?

James Farr: I’ve grown off the court and on the court. Just the way I handle myself, just being a leader to these younger guys, like the people in front did for me. I’ve just become a better overall player, too. I became tougher, mentally and physically tougher.

NW: You just mentioned being a mentor to the younger guys. Was there a guy when you first got here that helped guide you and is there anything that you’re trying to turn around and teach the younger guys?

JF: Most definitely, a guy named Travis Taylor. When I came in as freshman, he took me under his wing. Dee Davis, he took me under his wing as well. I’ve had a great experience here, and I’m just trying to learn from how they taught me.

NW: What’s it like to play for Coach Mack?

JF: He’s very intense, but I love playing for him. He’s really a student of the game, and he’s a better teacher.

NW: You mentioned you’ve grown on the court. Is there something we are going to see from you on the court that we have seen from you before or an area of your game that you have worked on?

JF: We’ll just see November 7.

NW: Do you have a particular memory that you look back on that either drives you to work even harder in practice or that you just like to remember fondly?

JF: Most definitely. I remember my freshman year we lost in the A-10 tournament to Saint Joseph’s. That was the end of our season. That’s what drives me. I don’t ever want to feel that way. Seeing how the seniors on that team like Brad Redford and Travis Taylor, those other guys, seeing how they felt knowing that was their last game, I don’t want to feel that. Just going to a Sweet 16 last year with Matt (Stainbrook) and Dee being our captains, that’s the way I want to go out, or even better than that. Those two things push me the most.

NW: Is that the goal for this year: another Sweet 16, Big East championship?

JF: We all have our personal goals on the team. We first want to start off with a championship in Orlando for our Thanksgiving tournament. Then have a great non-conference season. Then move on to conference, our plan is to win the Big East.

NW: The Shootout is returning to Cintas this year. Are you looking forward to playing that game in front of your home crowd for the first time?

JF: Most definitely, I saw how much fun the UC fans had at their home gym and how much fun the players had at their home gym at UC. I can only imagine what it will be like here in Cintas. We have an amazing crowd. We always sell out, so it will be a great atmosphere.

NW: You’ve been in the Big East for two years and you’ve played at each arena twice. Is there an arena that you particularly like going to?

JF: My favorite arena to play in is either Hinkle at Butler, or Creighton. They’ve got a big stadium, they sell out all the time. Those fans are great. I’ve got friends that go to Butler as well. It’s cool to get heckled by them. It’s all fun. I like playing at all of our conference’s stadiums, but those are my two favorites though.

NW: Every athlete always says next game, but is there one particular team you are looking forward to playing this year and trying to beat?

JF: Villanova, we’ve never beaten Villanova while being in the Big East. That’s our main goal as a team.

NW: When all is said and done, what do you think you’ll remember about being at Xavier?

JF: Just being a part of a winning tradition. Hopefully we’ll get to the tournament this year and we make a lot of noise. Just leaving behind a legacy, saying Team 94, we did some good work and just hang another banner in Cintas.

NW: Is there anything you want to say to the fans?

JF: Look forward to the season, can’t wait to see everybody. Let’s just make this a good year.