Community Action Day

By: Andrew Scarlott ~Guest Writer~

Images from Community Action Day Facebook Page | Xavier Students spread out all over the city to make a difference on Saturday’s Community Action Day.

Community Action Day (CAD) is a day of service for the whole Xavier community. It happens once every semester on a Saturday from 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m. The Xavier community comes together for a day of service, food and reflection. Each person has the opportunity to select a project site ranging from homelessness to animal cruelty to health and wellness.

I really love this day because I have a chance to give back to the Cincinnati area. Service is something I’ve always loved, and I have been a site leader since my first year here at Xavier. Seeing faculty, staff, students and alumni come to the Xavier Yard on a bright Saturday morning for such a good cause is wonderful.

We had a lot of exciting sites for this semester’s CAD. Some of the sites included Nexus Gardening, Habitat for Humanity Restores, St Joseph’s Home and many others.

I really think that this day was a huge success. Many people showed up to give back, and Father B gave everyone a blessing. I’m excited to continue with CAD in the spring and am looking forward to seeing many new and returning faces.

The Board of CAD deserves a lot of thanks and appreciation because they put a lot of hard work into this day every semester. Without them, this day would not turn out to be the successful event that it is. If service is a calling for you or you want to give back to the community, please consider joining CAD in the spring.