DIY Halloween Costumes For The Broke College Student

By: Carly Mulert ~Staff Writer~

1This year for Halloween, don’t be a stereotypical flannel shirt cowboy or make a feeble attempt to be Harley Quinn. Why go out and buy a costume when you could easily make one yourself with things around your dorm or house? DIY costumes are the way to go! Here are some easy DIY costumes that you can rock at Halloween this year!

1. Identify Theft

What you need: T-shirt, sticky nametags, a permanent marker and the ability to come up with names

2. Tina from Bob’s Burgers

What you need: blue shirt, blue jean skirt, white socks, black shoes and glasses

3. Boo from Monster’s Inc.

What you need: pink sweater, purple leggings and Converse

4. Stick Figure

What you need: white clothing, a paper plate, a black marker and black electrical tape

5. Morton Salt Girl

What you need: an umbrella (preferably white or grey), a yellow dress and yellow shoes

6. Twister Board Game

What you need: white clothing and red, yellow, green and blue paper circles

7. Emoji

What you need: a yellow shirt and the ability to draw your favorite emoji on aforementioned yellow shirt

8. M&M

What you need: a solid colored shirt, a white marker or tape to draw an M on it, white pants and black shoes

9. Cactus

What you need: green sweats, white pipe cleaners and glue