Hang in There making it to Spring break

By: August Dice ~Guest Writer~

1Spring break: the 10 days out of the year when we all intend to do something so incredibly prophetic and fantastic that it can only be accurately chronicled in a film starring Zac Efron.

Spring break is a time for going insane and partying; it is definitely not that time of year when I watch Netflix in my apartment for 10 straight days. All that stands between us and the natural majesty of some far off sandy beach, or that couch that I have been meaning to clean, are eight days of classwork and being a productive and contributing member of society.

If any of you are worried about the next week, incapable of making it to next Friday or would rather take the quitter’s path of going on spring break early, all you have to do is think of the giant panda bear.

The panda, much like a student’s grade, is conservation- dependent, meaning that it requires constant species-specific wildlife management or else it would probably go extinct. As you may already know, panda conservation is no easy task. Not only do pandas not like to reproduce, they have also spent the majority of their lives on a diet consisting of 99 percent bamboo, despite the fact that they possess the ability to consume meat.

The panda has essentially dedicated its time to being terrible at surviving, yet humanity continues to coax the panda into furthering its existence. The next week and a half may be a trying time for us all, but all you have to do is think of the panda. If we can dedicate even a quarter of the time and energy as we do into the preserving this fluffy, incompetent creature, you can probably survive the next couple of days.