Music Series’ Grisha Goryachev enchants

By: Soondos Mula-Ossman ~Staff Writer~

Photos courtesy of | Featured in Xavier’s Music Series, renowned guitarist Grisha Goryachev played at the Gallagher Theater on Sunday.

Music Series coordinator Dr. Polina Bespalko had the pleasure of introducing Xavier University’s latest performer in the Music Series. Guitarist Grisha Goryachev, like Bespalko, is a Russian native. Bespalko described his music as “fiery” and an appropriate finale to the guitar series of the overarching music sequence.

Goryachev is renowned for musical prowess in classical and flamenco styles. He seeks to revive the dying tradition of solo flamenco guitar in concert settings.

When Goryachev strode onto the stage, he held his warm-wooded flamenco guitar and dressed simply. He let his guitar speak before he did. A piano stool was the only thing that sat in the center of the stage. There was no sheet music, no stand, no microphone nor sound amplifier.

The first half consisted of traditional flamenco, featuring legendary composers such as Sabicas, Mario Escudero and Ernesto Lecuona, arranged by Paco de Lucia. A fan favorite was Sabica’s “Con Garbo y Salero.” In between quick plucks and rapid four-fingered chords, Goryachev weaved an energetic tune that captivated everyone.

To create percussion, the guitarist tapped his foot against the stage floor and rapped his fingers against the wood of his guitar, suddenly embodying the equivalent of a one-man band.

Goryachev received a standing ovation upon finishing and received a second standing ovation after his encore.The guitarist successfully managed to transport his audience to the streets of Spain in merely an hour, an experience his listeners will not forget.