A New Paradigm Inentertainment

By: John Anthony Gills ~Guest Analyst~

Photo courtesy of aliexpress.com | The star of the new series, Superdog.

DC comics is competing with Marvel and Netflix, and some could say they are running scared. That is until they partnered with Hulu for the Superdog mini-series. Everyone knows Superman had a dog, but what do we really know about him? This creative partnership hopes to explain that.

The story arc that leads to his eventual flying around with Superman is spread out over 18 two-hour episodes.

The first part, and the only one currently avaliable, is basically the same as every cute corgi video on the internet, but you get hints of the greatness to come. Young Superdog plays in the yard and is excellent at fetch.

Half of one episode is him basically sunning himself on a rug sleeping. I think Hulu and DC want viewers to ask “What does Superdog dream of?”

The series made we wonder if they had dogs on Krypton or if Krypto is a hybrid of Superman’s great pet attentiveness and kryptonite? Clark isn’t really a character in this show because most of it is shot from Kyrpto’s perspective. Any characters at all that aren’t dogs are shot from the knee down. Using excellent dog training and advanced technology this series is primed for a smash debut on VR.

This series is almost like a real dog in that if you ignore it, it won’t go away. Superdog shows excellent promise and toes the line between The Puppy Bowl and Lassie. I applaud the creative team for forgoing narration and leaving the viewer to figure out the story. This could be the bravest show on television since Twin Peaks.