Exploring Trauma and Support Through Cannibal Galaxy

Xavier Theatre will be launching its 2017-2018 season Thursday with the world premiere of Charise Green’s Cannibal Galaxy: a love story. The play follows the lives of five science museum workers whose lives are drastically altered by a single traumatic event. It tracks how each character copes, some in healthier ways than others, and how their relationships with each other change when their coworkers suddenly become their most solid support system. Delving into elements of science fiction and surrealism, Cannibal Galaxy is a wholly unique exploration into grief, trauma and the perils of intellect.

“This show takes inventory of how trauma affects our condition as people,” senior theatre major and cast member Taylor Maas said.

The theatre department is producing the world premiere as a part of its collaboration with The Faultline Theatre in New York City. A handful of theatre students were given the opportunity two years ago to workshop an earlier draft of the play with representatives from Faultline and Tiffany Greene.

“We may not like the things that are happening in the world, but…it’s up to us to decide whether we will step up and speak out or keep allowing all the bad things to keep happening,” Maas said. “We have the power within us…The people who live through some of the most horrendous things aren’t victims, they are survivors.”

“The subject matter is incredibly pertinent to the world today,” sophomore technical theatre major and stage manager Emi Suarez said. “The technical aspects are a rare spectacle.”

The production utilizes the theater space in an entirely unconventional way to challenge the audience’s perspective in more ways than one. The show will be a fully immersive experience. The set and lights, designed by Joe Leonard and Joe Beumer work in tandem to create a landscape that allows the play’s action to take place in nearly every part of the theater, from center stage to the catwalks suspended above.

Cannibal Galaxy: a love story is directed by Tiffany Greene. Tickets are available in the box office or online at xavier.edu/theatretickets. Performances will take place in the theater on the lower level of Gallagher this Thursday and Friday at 7:30 p.m., and Saturday at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

By: Ellie Conniff ~Guest Writer~