5 things to do before the weather turns cold

Photo courtesy of Fitdog Sports Club

If making weekend plans based on the Apple Weather app’s forecast sounds like something you do, then this weekend, make plans outdoors. The app currently says (though we all know how often a Midwestern forecast can change) that this weekend should be sunny and in the high 80s. If last week’s weather showed us anything, though, it’s that fall is rapidly approaching, so this is likely one of the last weekends of true summer weather. We’ve compiled some activities you must do before the weather turns for good.

1.) Catch the last rays of summer: Reinvigorate that fading summer tan before it’s gone for the winter. Spend some time outside reading or working on homework, but make sure you make it outdoors to boost your vitamin D levels before the pale winter months are upon us.

2.) Kayak or canoe: The Little Miami is a great river for kayaking and canoeing, and this weekend is probably one of the last weekends when you won’t mind getting wet. Loveland Canoe and Kayak and 50 West Canoe and Kayak are two businesses nearby where you can rent a boat and be bussed to the put-in location. Both sections of the river covered on trips by these businesses go past some pretty dope rope swings. This activity is relatively cheap — it’s $25 a kayak at Loveland Canoe and Kayak and less for a canoe.

3. Go for a hike: Seriously, there are so many hiking trails around Cincinnati. Just Google good places to hike and you’ll find plenty. Whether you want to stay close to Xavier or make a day of it up at Red River Gorge, there’s no lack of awesome trails to trek this weekend.

4. Go to a park: Literally any park.Like hiking trails, Cincinnati also has an affinity for public parks. If you’re looking for something more urban, head to Smale Riverfront Park. Spoiler alert: It’s on the riverfront. There are swings and a foot piano and fountains to run through (if you don’t mind fighting the little kids for them), so Smale is a great destination for anyone looking to really feel park life in the big city. If you’re looking for something with more foliage and waterfowl, Eden Park and Washington Park are both awesome places to check out.

5. Go to a restaurant and ask to be seated outside: This final suggestion is pretty simple. Everyone loves going out to eat on the weekends, so change things up a little and ask to be seated outside. If you’re looking for a recommendation, Incline Public House on the west side of Downtown has an awesome view of the city without being insanely pricey, and the burger is to die for.

Even if you can’t wait for sweater weather and pumpkin carving, take advantage of this weekend. The leaves are already falling, midterms are quickly approaching and come second semester, we’ll all be wishing for the warm weather of summer.

By: Jessica Griggs ~Editor-in-Chief~