Chartwells bought out by Cincy locals

Blue Gibbon and Coffee Emporium team up on GSC ground floor

Photo courtesy of Xavier University

In a surprising twist of fate, Chartwells, a division of Compass, Inc., has been bought out by a collaborative purchase through Coffee Emporium and Blue Gibbon.

Chartwells came to an agreement with Xavier a few months ago that would give them the opportunity to take control over all dining options on campus and renovate the basement of Gallagher Student Center — which would have involved the closings of Coffee Emporium and Blue Gibbon.

“Coffee Emporium and Blue Gibbon decided to come together because both groups couldn’t stand losing touch with the Xavier community,” Reginald Worthington, a representative for the new company, said.

The new company, which goes by the name Gibbon Emporium, will still be closing Coffee Emporium and will stick with the plan to replace all campus-wide dining options other than Currito.

“After coming together and successfully buying out Chartwells, we took a look at all the information that they had on Xavier,” Worthington said, “and we noticed that the group had already started to lose touch with the community.”

Worthington said that the group noticed that the tuition and fees for the upcoming school year were close to $40,000, causing them to realize that cheap food options weren’t what the Xavier community needed.

“We noticed that the real underserved population at Xavier was those wanting luxury food options,” Worthington said.

Gibbon Emporium will be replacing Ryan’s Pub with Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse and Subway with a fast-casual version of P.F. Chang’s. Other options are currently unknown.

By: Kevin Thomas ~Jack Ruby~