New servitude program provides financial aid to arts students

Xavier creates opportunity for art students to make money by being servants to the nursing program

Photo courtesy of every art student to ever exist and Pintrest

It’s no secret that Xavier is an expensive school. But for students in the art department, money is especially tight. After scholarships help pay tuition, students cover studio fees for courses they are required to take and buy their own art supplies. Wanting to help the students fight against the starving artist stereotype, the university proposed a program where art students can have practical experiences by helping the neighboring nursing program.

So far, art students can apply to be doormats for nursing students to wipe off their feet on rainy days. The university is excited to be able to hire more art students to help the nursing department to move equipment and files from the A.B. Cohen building to the Health United Building that will open in 2019, leaving rooms empty in Cohen that the art department will not get to use.

After hearing the news, art student James Parsh was ecstatic and burst into tears. “We have depression. Just depression, nothing else unites us. Well, that and the black mold and fecal matter in the ceiling. Now we will all be united in our service to a well-funded academic program!”

By: Heather Gast ~Art Student Ally~