Four tips for making the most of your fantasy season

Photo courtesy of Flickr | Aaron Rodgers once again looks to be a popular first-round fantasy pick, but Jack Dunn suggests waiting to choose your quarterback. 

It’s almost football season again, which means excitement for fans across the country. Ultimately one team will hoist the Lombardi Trophy, and I can tell you right now it won’t be the Bengals. However, even more people are looking forward to playing fantasy football this coming season. Drafting well is an important way to start, and here are four tips to help you beat your friends or coworkers.

1) Wait to draft your QB

There is always that one guy who drafts Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers in the first round. I always wait till the eighth round or so to find a QB. Kirk Cousins, Matthew Stafford and other solid options will likely still be around.

2) Pay attention to bye weeks

This is simple — you don’t want all your running backs to have a bye in Week 10. By staggering when players have bye weeks you can keep a starter or good bench player in your lineup every week.

3) Check your scoring system

There are two main types of scoring in fantasy football: standard and PPR. PPR stands for Point Per Reception and helps receivers get more points, which is especially good for high-volume guys like Julio Jones. Always read the scoring system and other rules in case your commissioner has some funky rules.

4) Know what other people need and where they are in the draft order

When drafting, it is always good to be aware of what other people are doing. Just like when you’re playing a game of poker, figuring out other people’s strategies will help you with figuring out when you need to reach for that hometown hero or wait for an overlooked player.

By: Jack Dunn | Staff Writer