Features: “Book review: The Compound Effect” and Extras – 9/5/2018

Comic courtesy of Peña

It is a consistent and almost guaranteed fact that at some point in our lives we will hear some form of the famous adage, “practice makes perfect.” However, the hidden innuendo of that statement is that little actions over time will produce big results. True. however, the correct actions performed consistently and persistently over time will yield the desired result. The Compund Effect by Darren Hardy is a phenomenal, short 160-page read that puts life before, during and after Xavier into perspective.

Shattering status, which is nothing more than the line between the place where we are and the place we want others to think we are, is a core point of the book that is concurrent with how we, as college students, are being prepared for the world around us. Yes, making the right decisions is important. However, how we create a filter that excludes negativity and activities that do not get us to our goals is a cornerstone of this book.

We are millennials, but our mindset must be greater than the impact that we have on our everyday environments and interactions at and around Xavier. Those very same interactions and environments we choose to involve ourselves in are pertinent and should be ones of growth, challenge and excitement.


Libra: Make sure you budget out all the cool things you want to add to your living space. Do that, and you might actually be able to afford school and on-campus dining.

Scorpio: Untangle those loose ends in your relationships like the earbuds you ball up and toss to the side. Unless you have those hip wireless earbuds.

Sagittarius: If you actually put your mind to studying this week, you’ll get some class praise as guaranteed as Brockman fire alarms.

Capricorn: Take things slow this week… just like the Gallagher construction, which was supposed to have been done before the semester started.

Aquarius: Take a breath of fresh air, Aquarius. Just don’t do it in that intersection that has all the manholes that lead straight to the sewers.

Pisces: If you have no idea what you’re doing with your life, it’s OK. The betta fish I told you to buy last week doesn’t know either.

Aries: That moment when you don’t do a reading for a class but still ace in-class discussions. That’s you. So imagine how boss you’d be if you actually did those readings.

Taurus: If an upcoming non-obligatory trip you have involves skipping a class, it becomes more OK (but still not OK) if you talk to the professor before you actually leave.

Gemini: Watch out for that freshman 15. Even if you’re not a freshman, watch out for that freshman 15.

Cancer: It’s time to start looking for a couch on campus to claim as your second bed-that’s-not-an-actual-bed.

Leo: After Labor Day weekend, we probably all want to get a workout in, but let’s be real. We’ll be quoting the, “Oh hi thanks for checking in, I’m sTiLl A pIeCe Of GaRbAgE” Vine.

Virgo: You’re gonna have a ton of ideas this week, so don’t be afraid to scribble them onto your arms. Only like… four people might think you swam in ink.

This post was assembled by Features Editor Soondos Mulla-Ossman