Features: “10 Ways You Can Save the Planet” and Extras – 8/29/2018

Comic Courtesy of Adam Ellis

It is clear that saving the planet is extremely important, but as a busy college student it may seem very difficult to do your part. Below is a list of easy and inexpensive methods that any college student can do to help the planet.

  1. Reduce your meat consumption!

Choosing not to eat meat one day a week saves the same amount of resources as not driving a car for five weeks.

  1. When you leave for class unplug, turn off and adjust!

Simply turning off lights, unplugging small appliances can save resources. Lowering your thermostat in the cold weather or raising it during warm weather not only saves resources but can lower your utility bills!

  1. Buy a reusable bag!

Instead of using plastic bags when shopping simply bring your own reusable bags! Landfills are filling up with quickly with plastic bags and they take over 400 years to break down!

  1. Take notes on your computer!

Not only does this make writing papers easier, it reduces the amount of paper waste.

  1. Wash your clothes in cold water.

90 percent of energy used by washing machines goes towards heating water! Now most laundry detergents have been reformulated to clean clothes in cold water, so no need to use hot water!

  1. Buy Local!

Cincinnati is full of Farmers Markets. Taking a trip to Findlay Market and other community farmers markets is both fun and a perfect way to help the Earth! Plus, you know that all the items you buy are fresh because they are locally grown!

  1. No more straws!

Americans use 500 million straws every single day and many of them end up in our waterways and oceans. Just tell your server to skip the straw.

  1. Shop at Thrift or Second-Hand Stores.

Instead of going to the mall for new clothes, buy used! Norwood has two fantastic thrift stores and buying used clothes helps reduce waste. Plus, you will have a collection of “one of a kind” clothing!

  1. Walk, Bike or Skate!

If you live off campus avoid the temptation to drive to campus, instead walk, ride a bike or skate to campus! These are great ways to save resources and you while getting some exercise.

  1. Switch to reusable water bottles!

80 percent of plastic water bottles end up in the ocean which impact sea life and coral reefs.

Not sure if you can follow these suggestions? Click here to take a quiz that will reveal how your lifestyle impacts the planet. You may find that by making a few minor adjustments, you can really make a difference in saving our planet!

By: Hayley Hayes | Guest Writer


Aries: Careful about saying “yes” to too many things. Yes to helping out with homework, yes to getting someone’s ALL card, yes to three sugar cookies instead of one…

Taurus: Next club event you happen to pass by, stick your leggy in and join the fun — even if it’s something that doesn’t normally interest you.

Gemini: Don’t be afraid to procrastinate a little bit this week…except on homework. Homework sucks, but ditch at your own risk.

Cancer: Pulling an all-nighter might be a smart move for you this week. And a weird one — it’s still just the second week of school, dude.

Leo: While you’re waiting for the Health United Building (HUB) to become a thing, pop into O’Connor instead. It’s better than nothing.

Virgo: You’re someone who just got like 264873468 things from Zara on a wicked sale. You’re here to stay and ready to slay.

Libra: First year or senior, you’re gonna have some trouble connecting to others this week. May the social force be with you.

Scorpio: We all hate resetting our passwords, we really do, but because hackers suck, you gotta do it.

Sagittarius: You know all those clubs you’re putting your name down for club day? Yeah, actually go to them. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

Capricorn: Feeling sleepy? Drink some extremely caffeinated stuff this week. You’ll only be a little jittery!

Aquarius: Flip a table.

Pisces: Your zodiac symbol is a fish or something, right? Why don’t you have a betta fish yet? If you have one, why don’t you have two?

This post was assembled by Features Editor Soondos Mulla-Ossman.