Autumn Oddities

In one sentence, the weirdest part of these students’ breaks

Aiden.jpg“Basically, there was a two-day spree of murders back to back, same guy, same gun.”
Aiden Krueger
First-year history major





“We drove to a haunted road and explored a supposedly haunted graveyard.”
Zachary Moseley
First-year political science major





“I was out in the woods cutting down trees, as one does, and a spider crawls into my ear, so I took my gloved hand to reach into my ear to remove the spider and during that activity I got poison ivy all over from my fingers onto my ear and the whole left side of my face.”
Annabel Gremore
Sophomore art major, graphic design concentration


“…Going to a bookstore that had 34 book rooms in Columbus.”
Jennie Prial
Sophomore biology major





Liz Zalla.jpeg“I met Xavier’s last quarterback at a restaurant… and I gave him a super awkward high-five.”
Liz Zalla
Senior communication studies major






By: Maddy Goodman | Staff Writer