Features: “How to not procrastinate” & extras – 10/17/18

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How to not procrastinate

1. Get assignments done early

One method that works really well is to plan ahead. If you know you have an assignment due soon, get it done as early as possible. This way, the assignment is not only done, but it also opens up a window of time for leisure and/or the completion of other assignments that are due simultaneously. I found that getting work done in advance (sometimes even two weeks early) helped me tremendously. This also helps when considering unforeseen circumstances that might affect an assignment, such as last minute add-ons or alterations. This may also give you time to discuss the work with your professor. Definitely utilize office hours to your advantage!

2. Work in stages

When it comes to big assignments or time-consuming tasks, my suggestion is to work on it in stages (or parts at a time). This not only makes the assignment feel shorter but also pays dividends when you won’t have to burn the midnight oil. Oftentimes, your best work isn’t reflected in an assignment or task if you wait until the day of it being due to complete it. If you do this, your work may come out as rushed or sloppy. This procedure works best with larger assignments that can take multiple days to finish.

3. Take notice of major assignments

In my two-plus years here at Xavier, I’ve noticed a trend that seems to resurface almost every semester. While some weeks have less work, others have a bunch of work. Additionally, major assignments listed on the syllabus always seem to pile up around the same time. During the first week of the semester, I like to make a list of major assignments for each class and scratch them off as the due dates pass. This way, I am able to map out my semester more easily.

4. Eliminate distractions

In this day and age, it’s difficult to not get distracted by electronics. This especially rings true when working on a computer that has the ability to distract you with the Internet. My advice to you is take a minute to put down your phone and lock in on an assignment. Listening to music is fine — in some cases it gets me into a rhythm to do something like type an essay.

5. Seek help early

College is hard. Sometimes not all of the material needed for class is covered during lecture, so there’s a good chance you will need to seek help at some point. Waiting to get help on an assignment is detrimental to the end product. There are many outlets to seek help starting with talking to your professor. You can also schedule a tutoring session if you are stuck on a concept, and don’t forget, peers are your friends. Per the Jesuit values that have been instilled in all of us, we are Musketeers for and with others. You can always ask a peer for help on a problem or for advice on how to complete an assignment that is familiar to them.

By: Luke Feliciano | Sports Editor


Aries: You might want to fight for more self-serving things, but generosity opens more doors than it closes…or maybe Physical Plant finally got your door working again.

Taurus: Emotional support pets are in sync with you this week. They’ll sit, they’ll lay down, except if they’re cats. If they’re cats, it’ll just give you that look and will make you sad.

Gemini: Approach hectic schedules with a level head. Don’t be afraid to yeet from meetings in order to spoil yourself with food like sushi or Buca. Your freshman 15 will agree with you.

Cancer: Watch out for some conflicts this week. You know the door that’s supposed to open automatically when you tug on it, but when it’s halfway closing it fights you? Yeah.

Leo: There’s a silver lining to people not wanting to hang out with you anymore…like having a bunch of extra hours to binge watch the tragedy shows Netflix recommends you.

Virgo: You know how sometimes you want professors to explain concepts to you like you’re five? Your friends and classmates might need that too from you, sometimes.

Libra: Embrace your sporadic decisions this week… like getting ATM pizza at 4:00a.m.

Scorpio: It’s time to start begging your professors for extensions on assignments and makeup days for exams.

Sagittarius: A game-changing realization is probably coming to you this week: either deciding you want another major or minor, or one less major or minor, or dropping out of school.

Capricorn: You’re in such a good groove, you could start a five-page paper due the next day at midnight, have it done at 2:00a.m. and still get in a solid 8 hours of sleep. Keep it up.

Aquarius: You might be feeling a bit like the executive tickets right now, or maybe you are the executive tickets — people are saying a lot about you. Accept feedback but keep your cool.

Pisces: Have you ever seen what the inside of a freezer is like? Have a headache? Knock two birds with one stone by sticking your head in your nearest available freezer.

This post was assembled by Features Editor Soondos Mulla-Ossman.