Features: “Halfway there” & Horoscopes – 10/24/18

Comic courtesy of Dami Lee

I have likely attended thousands of swim practices over the past decade, each one seeming to be no easier than the last. To pass the time during the many grueling sets, I would often think of song lyrics. Every time my coach would shout, “halfway there,” Bon Jovi’s classic “Livin’ on a Prayer” would, without fail, pop into my mind — the lyric, “woah, we’re halfway there” playing on repeat in my head. I believe this perfectly exemplifies my current status, as I have just passed the halfway point of my first semester of college.

It is that point in the semester when everyone is in a constant state of sleep deprivation, anxiously waiting for the clock to painstakingly tick through the final seconds of class and finding any excuse to not do homework. Personally, one of the most daunting challenges of college so far has been balancing my work with my social life, especially given that I love the social part of college and dread the reading and writing. About 95 percent of the time I want to be spending time with friends solely for the enjoyment and not because we have to be studying all together. As a first-year, there have also been numerous times when the homesickness has hit, and I wish nothing more than to be sleeping in my own bed, eating a home-cooked meal or cozying up next to a crackling fire to watch a movie.

But don’t get me wrong — it is not all bad. In fact, there are several times throughout the day I would like to be nowhere else than at my home away from home. These instances are the small victories that get me through the day, such as getting an “I miss you so much” text from a friend at another school or finding out that my professor canceled class for the day. It is also very reassuring that the amount of class time remaining is quickly dwindling. For those of you unaware, we have merely 18 MWF classes and 12 TR classes left in the semester, which feels equally unbelievable and relieving.

Anyone who tells you that college is easy is either at the wrong school or a liar, because every day is a struggle. Certainly, some days are worse than others, but these are the days where we have got to take Bon Jovi’s words to heart, reminding us we are halfway there and livin’ on a prayer.

By: Alex Budzynski | Guest Writer


Aries: You think midterms were bad? Wait ‘til your professor’s respect for you drops like your GPA, and you have to deal with that for the rest of the semester.

Taurus: Be mindful of your strained relationship with your bed this week. You want to be in it forever, your bed wants you to be in it forever, but your 8 a.m. classes beg to differ.

Gemini: Embrace the urge to decorate your living space with Fall-themed things. That’s half of what the season is all about, after all…aside from allergies.

Cancer: You’re catching a lot of attention—from friends who actually want to catch up with you, to strangers who think you’re talking to them but you’re not and things get really awkward.

Leo: Ants are looking for a toasty winter home. Make sure your home doesn’t become that kind of place. Or do, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Virgo: You’re getting some mic-drop moments this week. Just don’t actually drop a literal, physical microphone. If it breaks, broke student or not, you’re paying.

Libra: Be careful about how many times you give yourself “treat yoself” days. You can only buy Currito so many times before you’re fresh out of dining dollars…and a will to live.

Scorpio: You’re finally starting to remember those huge projects assigned forever ago…but really only because it’s due in a couple days and your stress kicks into hyperdrive.

Sagittarius: A part of you wants to hibernate with all the squirrels and bunnies right now, and just hope you can still pass your classes even if you don’t show up to the final.

Capricorn: Teamwork makes the dream work, even if that “dream” is getting an A on an assignment you couldn’t care less about for a professor who cares even less about how you do.

Aquarius: Have some confidence in yourself this week. If someone’s cutting you in line in the caf, make them remember it. That’s your taco.

Pisces: Yeet from your usual setting in any possible way you can. Be it for a nice night out, or a festival, or even just doing a quiet jog around a park, get your butt off campus.

This post was assembled by Features Editor Soondos Mulla Ossman.