Oct. 15 Student Government Association Meeting Recap

  • Twelve new clubs have been given conditional status. While they are not yet considered official clubs, they will be able to reserve spaces on campus for meetings. They will later be reviewed by the Senate for full club status. Three of the clubs spoke at the meeting, and the others will speak in the upcoming weeks.
  • A promotional video for It’s On X will be released on YouTube this Friday. SGA will also take part in the filming of a similar video for It’s On Cincinnati.
  • SGA will be hosting a “Life Raft” debate in Kennedy Auditorium. The debate will mimic a post-apocalyptic world where professors will argue about why they believe their department should be let on the life raft. Senators are aiming to hold the event in mid-November.
  • The Academic Affairs Committee addressed potential summer course offerings for 2019.

This post was assembled by Campus News Editor Heather Gast.