Nintendo Switch-es things up on its console

Price, versatility and interactivity make it an ideal choice for a casual gamer

Newswire photo by Luke Feliciano | The Nintendo Switch console utilizes either one or two Joy-Cons to imitate the usability and fluidity of a traditional controller while also enhancing the gameplay experience with both docked and portable modes.

After the new year rolled around, I decided I would indulge myself with the gift of buying a new gaming console. I considered multiple options –– including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, I ultimately decided on the Nintendo Switch console.

While the Switch isn’t as popular than competing consoles among our age demographic, the price is what really swayed me to purchase the console. The Switch costs $299.99 while the others are about $100 more.

The main factor that drove my desire to buying the Switch arose because of my personal experience beforehand with the product. While I was home over winter break, I played my friend’s Switch constantly –– almost every day of the break in fact –– and very much enjoyed it.

Personal experience aside, I was intrigued by the uniqueness that the Switch offers in that it is one of the only consoles that can be docked “permanently” while also having the full-fledged capability of being portable with the opportunity to play on the go.

The versatility of the Switch is perhaps most notable in the ergonomic design of controllers, with several options a user can utilize. For instance, players can opt to use a single Joy-Con and slide in the makeshift bumper that Nintendo includes with the system. Players can also slide the two Joy-Cons into the controller grip to mimic the feel of a traditional controller. Additionally, for those who prefer to use a typical controller, Nintendo sells a Pro controller that resembles a generic controller.

Interactivity was also an enticing aspect of this game. While there are certainly many Switch games that are designed to be played solo, there are also a variety of games meant to be played with a party of people.

A fan favorite like Super Mario Bros Ultimate is a great example of a game that should be played with a group of people. Nintendo even offers a GameCube controller adapter to use in the game for diehard Nintendo lovers who still have their controllers left over from the old system.

For a system with a relatively less powerful processor, the Switch’s graphic interface holds up. There are some glitches at times, but they don’t take away from the gameplay of the console.

There are some downsides that come with the Switch just as any other gaming system. For instance, the constant motion of docking and undocking the portable screen into the dock has the potential to scuff up the screen. However, this can be prevented by simply purchasing and installing a screen protector onto the screen.

The other negative –– which is what most gamers would argue against it –– is that the system doesn’t necessarily have a large offering of games. Many of the most popular games played aren’t available on the Switch. Although, the system was only released in 2017, and Nintendo is working to adapt more third-party games to the available offerings. The company has also announced that more Switch-tailored games are on the horizon by the end of the year.

Overall, the Nintendo Switch is a perfect console for the casual gamer and more specifically for gamers who play with a group. The distinctive nature of the system in that it can be played portably without sacrificing many of its features, is what truly sets the Switch apart from other consoles.

In just a few short weeks, I’ve enjoyed playing my Switch and I am enthralled by what Nintendo will release in the foreseeable future.

By: Luke Feliciano | Sports Editor