Features: “Canto VI The Magnificat; Song of Lovers in the Garden” and Horoscopes – 2/27/19

The sleeping garden’s golden joys and limpid hymns
Fall pregnant by its wakening, the lissome kiss
Of lovers’ musics dappling the fragrant jessamines,
The walks like waves, or rhythmic seas, awash and flowing
With light, and flowering down into bubbles of honey…
All was warmed by the sunlight, dancing in the ripples of air.
In the esplanades of dreaming awakened in the air
The breathy gardens sighed with eternal hymns.
But from the perfumed flowers, a sound, stirring the honeyed
Sleep of springtime, struck the chord, the daughter’s kiss
Of apple-blossom, while an angel’s silken sails softly flowed.
An urn toppled down the ivy stair, ringing in notes of jessamine,
Disappearing into a vibrant frieze foretold in the jessamine’s
Own awakening, but now the cadent sound of falling vibrated the air.
A swish of butterflies, the apple blossoms flowing
In extraordinary sunlight and the pondering breezes’ hymns;
While the golden, enigmatic mouths sang of kairos and sweet kisses
And saw the wreaths of silence and the rhapsodies of honey.
Something secret darted in the sage and sun-shimmered honey,
Music of the lilting afternoon, white blossoms of jessamine!
How silently a gift was given on that lightdrenched day, a diamond kiss
Of lovers in the garden. All the flowers had written in the satin air,
Whispered in their petals, fearless to the starlit hymns,
The urns of Greece or the birdsong of the evening, flowing
Time and immortality together, written in the faces of flowering
Tulles, of sleep and sunlight, dappling the apple-blossom’s honey.
And the echo in the garden, down the stair, the winnowing hymns
Of soft fugitive faces, drenched with incongruous delight, the blushing jessamine,
With the wetness of the shadows and sunlit marmalade, were all slipping in the air.
A jeweled Magnificat, the apothéose of lovers: a kiss.
From the hidden swaths of foliage, odysseys of clouds, a kiss
Rings out from the flowerpot, and the fragrance of apple-blossom, flows
In waves of music, friezes of flowers, embroidering the rivulets of air.
A pair of lovers, shuddering unseen eyes, sigh with poetic honey,
Rejoicing while the ripples of sound and the chorus of the jessamines
Bear witness to their wakening. O Love! What jouissance of souls, the paradise of hymns!
Transfiguration, at the toll of the midday bell! A kiss, enchantment, hushed delight, hymns
Of jubilation. Love! The garden pot’s surprise…a secret, adamantine, illuminated joy.
How glorious is honeyed love! How glorious the flowers that preserve its fulfillment!
What gorgeous joy, a girl’s jouissance!

By: Sofie Simonet | Staff Writer

Aries: Watch out for things you’re positive you’ll dislike, and then end up loving, like iffy-looking soup in the caf. It might end up tasting good—or not. But why not try your luck?

Taurus: You are your own boss. This is a week where you make sure that you seek fulfillment from yourself and not others. Strut in them heels that make the really powerful clicks, queen.

Gemini: Your brain gets plenty stimulated from classes and whatnot, but sometimes that isn’t the most satisfying. Consider completing the crosswords/word searches on the Features page.

Cancer: Watch for the petty kind of jealousy when you and a friend both get a bag of chips from the same vending machine… and your bag literally has one chip in it while your bud has extra.

Leo: For better or for worse, your most constant, reliable companion this week may just be a tissue box you carry with you into every class and meeting you have.

Virgo: Take a look at your dietary lifestyle this week. Sometimes unhealthy eating is inevitable, but checking yourself is at least a good ramen-der.

Libra: Creativity is on your side this week. Don’t let people tell you your ideas are whack. Prove ‘em wrong and clap right back. 

Scorpio: Social interactions will come more easily to you so long as you keep up optimism and patience…and meme fluency.

Sagittarius: You practically have a silver tongue. Use it for good, like letting your professor know the class ran out of passed-out study guides before your classmate could get one.

Capricorn: Dining dollars, X-cash, caf swipes…what even are they, right? Not stuff you have plenty of. Haha. Hah…(please remember to feed yourself.)

Aquarius: This week, you may find yourself exuding the confidence of a certain young girl from Vine who confidently proclaimed to the world, “I smell like beef.” Beef is not a bad smell.

Pisces: The stars would ordinarily tell you to travel for the weekend, but the stars also understand that you’re probably broke and hitchhiking can kill you. So try reading a book.

This post was assembled by Features Editor Soondos Mulla-Ossman.