Xavier’s Day One Program Returns

Students have one less thing to worry about with the Day One Program

For the second consecutive year, Xavier University is including the cost of renting textbooks in tuition for students. Now, for the university’s first-year and sophomore classes, the biggest hassle when it comes to getting textbooks is waiting in line to receive them.

While it is common for most college students to scramble to order their appropriate textbooks online, the Day One program is designed to ensure that enrolled students have everything they need on the first day of classes with minimal stress.

This program aims to eliminate the hours of searching for the best deal on a textbook or mistakenly purchasing the wrong textbooks or materials.

When students enroll in their classes each semester, their class schedules are sent to Gallagher’s All For One (AFO) Book Store. The books required for each student’s classes are collected for the student and prepared for pick up in a nicely packaged bundle. Some textbooks are given as physical copies, while others are online or digital.

Students receive emails indicating that their order is ready for pickup and the individual must show their ALL Card to a bookstore employee, who subsequently locates and presents the student with their books.

A new feature of the program is the ability to pre-order through Xavier’s new Mobile Order app, which is available for download. By simply agreeing to the terms and conditions, students receive a time approximation for their pickup.

The program is also designed for students if they add or drop a class. In the case that a class is added, a notification is sent to the bookstore, which collects the needed materials and notifies the student when they are ready for pickup. On the other hand, if a class is dropped, the bookstore emails a reminder to return the appropriate books. 

All books must be returned at the end of the semester to avoid fees; however, students are able to purchase their books at that time if they wish to keep them.

However, there are still some limitations to the program. For example, if a student is studying abroad for a semester, they are not eligible for the textbook program. Additionally, it only covers required materials, so if a professor recommends materials, it is up to the student to obtain them.

Xavier students have a wide range of opinions on the program.

“It’s convenient, but I wish they would give you the option to do it or not. If students want to find their books at a better price they should be able to,” first-year psychology major Michael Walker said.

Senior sports marketing major Maggie Pool recognized the positive effect this program has on those eligible for it, but added that not everyone is able to reap its benefits.

“I think that it’s really great for the upcoming classes because I know what it’s like to struggle to pay for books. However, professors are starting to choose the more expensive books or have stricter policies when it comes to books, (and) as a senior, my bank account is empty and it’s stressing me out. There have been plenty of times I didn’t buy the books because I haven’t had the money.”

As such, Pool encourages underclassmen students to appreciate this unique program.

For further information regarding Xavier’s Day One program, visit https://www.xavier.edu/day-one/index. Questions can be addressed at the AFO Bookstore.

By Devon Baird | Staff Writer