GSC managers adapt to COVID-19

Building managers keep things running smoothly during unique semester

written by: josephine pyles
Newswire photo by Joseph Cotton As new challenges make their jobs harder, Gallagher building managers are ensuring everything runs smoothly.

GSC doesn’t run so smoothly on accident.

A team of dedicated employees maintains a safe and enjoyable environment for all guests, especially with the latest COVID-19 safety guidelines. 

Fourth-year nursing major Madison Colbert has been a building manager at the GSC for two years now and has a great deal of experience helping the building run smoothly. 

“If this goes off, I’ll have to run,” Colbert said in reference to her walkie talkie. “It’s a little bit of back and forth, but a lot of the time is actually spent at the desk… greeting people and answering questions.” 

There are several building managers who work at the GSC. Together, they work throughout the week to make sure events are scheduled, furniture is in order and that the book store and restaurants are running smoothly. 

“Normally when I clock in, I’ll do a ‘round’ of the building first, then another one every hour or so after that,” Colbert stated. “I usually check to make sure everything is in place, including ensuring that every table is on its designated spot.” 

All building managers are trained to work on every floor in the building, helping to maintain many aspects of the building’s logistical needs.

“The first day of training I got a tour of the building and learned how to run the welcome desk,” Colbert said. “The second day I learned how to take reservations and how to set up for events.” 

As an experienced building manager, Colbert has seen many social and club-based gatherings in the GSC before the pandemic, many of which have taken up entire floors. But she can’t help but notice how different things have looked during the first week of school this year.

“My favorite part of the job is probably getting to work with the different departments on campus and seeing the events come to life,” Colbert said. “But we’ve restricted the amount of people who can be in a space, so our events definitely look and feel a lot smaller.” 

Because of the emphasis on following Xavier’s COVID-19 protocols, the managers have been maintaining these precautions since the first day it reopened.

“Yes, we do a lot more cleaning now,” Colbert said. “Every few hours we wipe down everything in the building to keep everyone as safe as possible. We also make sure that people are wearing their masks and staying separated.” 

However, Colbert and many other employees are still adapting to the feeling of being socially distant from each other and their guests. 

“It’s kind of weird having this screen up when people come to the desk,” Colbert said. “I’m definitely still getting used to greeting people that way.”  

The Gallagher Student Center is open from 6a.m.-10 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and its staff is prepared to greet guests and answer any of your questions from a safe distance.