New XU dinging options feel fresh

Newswire breaks down the best places to put your meal plan to good use

written BY: ALEX KELLY
Newswire photo by Desmond Fischer
Burger 513, the rebranded version of Blue Blob’s Diner, offers classic American comfort food including burgers, fries, chicken and milkshakes.

This year there are a variety of on-campus dining options such as the caf andBurger 513 and FujiSan at Gallagher Student Center. 

Now from what I’ve heard, the caf is operating a bit differently this year. I’m a first-year, so I don’t know what in particular is different. 

There’s the salad bar, which is good for grabbing a meal when you have to get to class quickly. 

The homestyle favorites counter is a good rotation of a bunch of different foods. A couple of my favorite choices from there include it’s chicken or omelets in the morning. 

The deli also has some simple options if you aren’t a fan of what homestyle favorites has to offer for the day, such as sandwiches or quesadillas. 

There’s also the grill that serves burgers, fries and hot dogs. It’s comfort food to eat every once in a while. 

The pizza counter has choices such as cheese, pepperoni and a rotation of other toppings. It’s ok, but it’s no LaRosa’s. 

FujiSan was my introduction to bubble tea. I’ve never had boba before, but I liked what I had, which was the honey green milk tea and the mango green tea. 

It’s also great for something different than what most of the caf and Burger 513 have to offer. I’ve yet to finish everything on the menu, but I enjoy what I’ve had so far. 

FujiSan’s rolls are tasty, even if you aren’t like me and know how to use chopsticks without fumbling. I’d suggest the tempura rolls or shrimp tempura. 

FujiSan is worth a try if you’ve never had sushi or boba before, and it has a variety of other options if those aren’t your style. I am excited to try out the different options they have to serve. 

Burger 513 is new on campus, and it’s pretty much your general burger place. 

The curly fries are to die for, and the chicken tenders aren’t half bad either. 

It’s burgers are highly customizable for picky eater such as myself, with tons of options for toppings. It also has chicken, grilled cheese or vegan burgers if that’s more your tempo. 

It also has breakfast options which are fairly simple. The chicken biscuit is o.k., but it takes more time to prepare than something in the caf would take.

There are still a ton of options for those who don’t want to leave campus to grab a bite to eat. In all honesty, the food here isn’t the best, but it doesn’t have to be. 

There are enough options on campus for those who don’t like or are allergic to a certain food item.  

Overall, the campus food is good for what it is, and that’s easy and tasty.