Students share their staff appreciation this week

By Emilie Kracik, Staff Writer

As the semester steams ahead, students and professors are getting to know each other a lot more. When asked about a staff member who made them happy or who surprised their class this week, this is what some students had to share.

“This past week I have been introduced to many wonderful people, but one truly stands out. My philosophy professor, Kelly Swope, has truly helped me realize that seemingly small concepts have deeper meanings. He has also credited me for outstanding work in his class and I truly appreciate it.”

– Daniel Burchett

First-year accounting major

“Professor Moeve, who is my theology professor, announced that she canceled class this upcoming Friday in observance of Labor Day. Because of this, we are afforded a long weekend, giving us a long and extended weekend after already having Monday off.”

– Victoria Strawbridge

First-year communication studies major

“Professor Yi challenges his students but also cares about them. This week we started to get deeper into microeconomics, and since it can be a lot of material at once, he makes sure to break up the lecture with funny remarks and stories.”

– Noelle Ullery

Junior economics and English double major

“My accounting professor, Professor Cockrell, went the extra mile and made an effort to answer my classmate’s questions about the material, no matter the amount of time that it may have taken away from my accounting class. It showed us he really does care about our class.”

– Dan Nadolski

Sophomore accounting and business analytics double major

“A staff member that really helped me this week was Ms. Yuellig. I had an appointment for an injury that forced me to miss class, and she sent me a make-up packet to do while I was out. She was really understanding and helped relieve my stress about having to miss class.”

– Hannah Gittens

First-year early childhood education major