Graeter’s: An adventure in poetry

By Chloe Salveson, Show Manager

I got a Graeter’s gift card, 

I’m spending my money with no regard, 

I’ve discovered my love for chocolate jimmies, 

My gift card and my sprinkles make me want to shimmy.

I went home this last weekend, 

So no Graeter’s for me. 

Tears most definitely had been shed, 

As I was plagued by misery.

Roses are red, 

Violets are blue,

I went to Graeter’s with Newswire today, 

And they love Graeter’s too.

I love Graeter’s with all my heart, 

But for the summer, I must depart. 

I promise I’ll be back soon, 

In July, August and the fall semester, too. 

I love Graeters, 

yes I do!

I love Graeters, 

Especially the salted caramel chocolate chip double scoop waffle cone with chocolate sprinkles. 

On a dreary day, 

With only clouds in the sky, 

A trip to get ice cream I pay,

And Graeter’s is my sunshine.

My beloved has forsaken me, 

I am sad to say,

Though, my love has yet to flee,

As Graeter’s is not too far away 

(The nearest location is now Hyde Park.)

If the sun should melt from the sky, 

If the ocean were to soon run dry, 

I might forever cry,

But my love for Graeter’s would never die.

What shall I get this time?

Cup, cone or shake? 

To have to choose one should be a crime,

And yet, a decision I must make. 

My love for Graeter’s shall not perish, 

Even as I say goodbye.

Ice cream is something I will always cherish, 

Despite Graeter’s no longer being by my side.