A guide to your fall fashion needs

By Griffin Brammer and Kayla Ross, Digital Communications Manager and Staff Writer

Bottoms (like me lol)

The versatile corduroy has stamped its mark on fall fashion yet again. Wear it with a simple tucked-in tee to give your outfit some subtle pattern and texture. Or, be bold, and pair it with a clashing pattern, like a flannel, or a horizontal striped sweater. 

The thick and baggy nature of the fabric is sure to keep you warm, and with a large variety of earthy toned colors like cream, dark brown and sage green, corduroy is all too perfect for fall. Whether it be pants, a jacket or even overalls, corduroy has quite literally got you covered.

If you dig the baggy vibe but hate corduroy’s added texture, consider looking into carpenter pants.  Also called painter’s pants, these pants offer workwear-quality durability to keep you insulated, and a wide, flared leg to give you that streetwear look. Plus, they have a ton of pockets. With carpenter pants sometimes being sold in unexpected places like Walmart and Meijer, there’s really no reason not to have a pair as part of your autumn repertoire.


Sweaters are a quintessential element of autumnal appearances. Sweaters can provide a timeless element to any outfit, and the hundreds of types of knits, styles and graphics can add visual interest to an outfit. A perfect autumn sweater can take many forms: a college crewneck, a classy cable knit, a carefree cardigan.  My personal favorite, however, has to be knits adorned with vintage patterns. From argyles, patterned stripes and even embroidered florals, a good vintage sweater will not only last forever, but match the preferred fall aesthetic of anyone, from cottage-core to dark academia.

Even on those hotter autumn days, the recently-popular sweater vest is there to keep you cool and stylish.  Pair with a blouse or button up to keep it classy, or go more lowkey by pairing it with a collared short sleeve and some jeans. 

Sweaters are an obvious choice, so let’s talk about something that needs a bigger spotlight: the humble rugby shirt. Effortlessly stylish on anybody, the rugby shirt provides a casual look with just a touch of poshness that’ll make you stand out in a crowd. From their long sleeves, crisp collars and oft-striped patterns, they’re simple enough to pair with a wide variety of pants and shoes but just complex enough to capture the eye and create an incredibly easy fall outfit. 

Topttoms (or whatever you call articles of clothing that act as pants and a top)

Workwear still has a grip over modern fashion, and nowhere do the lines of workwear and fall fashion merge more perfectly than with overalls. Denim, corduroy and khaki are the traditional fabrics for overalls, all of which are perfect for fall for the colors, textures and timelessness they provide. Meanwhile, the strapped upper half adds visual interest and leaves more than enough space for a fun top to shine through, leaving you with an easy and simple outfit.

In the past I’ve avoided the overall look because I was afraid of looking like a farmer. If you’re also subconsciously afraid of a rural appearance, avoid flannels and plaids. Instead, try overalls with a monochrome hoodie or an oversized sweater underneath. Pair with a good beanie, and you’re set.

If you’re looking for more body coverage or a fresher take on a classic style, look no further than overalls’ often-overlooked sister, the coverall. This jumpsuit-esque garment can be zipped all the way up for an incredibly simple streetwear look, orkeep it popped to expose a complimentary-colored tee underneath. I recommend pairing this outfit with a simple high top sneaker, preferably white, but do what feels right.


This fall, jewelry, belts and bags make or break an outfit. Layering chunky gold chains with smaller gold toned pendant necklaces is a simple way to make even a sweatshirt outfit look more put together. Lots of rings are also a great way to give an edgier vibe to an outfit, but remember, never mix and match gold and silver tones. Try to stick to one or the other to make the outfit sleeker.Chunky jewelry and rings are a great way to elevate a boring, monochrome sweatsuit to an outfit. 

Belts are also having a big moment, as western style belt buckles and western medallion patterns are coming back onto the scene. This trend is definitely reminiscent of the late 70’s when artists like Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton made bold, shiny statements about American culture. Western belts are super easy to add onto a black dress or with a plain crewneck and a straight leg pair of jeans. Snakeskin and crocodile skin patterned belts are also having a moment, as they instantly add sophistication to any outfit. Waist chains are also a very cute addition to pair with a cropped tee or crewneck and mom jeans. Important note: matching jewelry tone rule applies to belts too. If the belt or waist chain has metallic elements, matching the belt to your jewelry will refine the look overall. 

For belts and accessories, Altar’d State, Pacsun, Zara and H&M are good places to look. 

Honorable mention for readers with long hair: bubble braids are a cute, easy and fast trend to participate in. 

For bags this fall, big bags or very small bags are the way to go. Big leather totes in bold colors like cobalt blue, red or pink are a fun way to add a pop of color to a neutral outfit this fall and winter. Small and sporty handbags are a different way to accessorize but are a cute way to add a Y2K element to an outfit. My favorite small handbag currently is the Guess Little Bay Shoulder Bag, which has a classic look for any season. 


This fall, look out for platform everything- whether it be Converse, Vans or Doc Martens, these brands are switching up their classic looks by adding a couple inches of height to the soles. If you’re still hanging on to your Air Forces from the last couple years, it’s time to trade them out for a pair of white platform high-top Converse.

Boots are, of course, a staple to fall fashion this year. If you’re still a fan of the Christian Girl Autumn aesthetic, a grey or medium brown pair of suede Chelsea Boots are a versatile option. Chelsea boots are adorable and comfortable, and can be paired with leggings or a dressy outfit. If you prefer a darker, vintage look, pointed toe crocodile skin boots are an edgy yet classy way to complete a look for a night out. If you want to go for a look that will stand out more, try a pair of blinged out boots – chains on the ankle or a studded hem of the shoe are effortless ways to stand out. Steve Madden is my go-to for shoe retail therapy. 

Bold Patterns 

The bold patterns from the summer are not going anywhere. Zebra print, checkerboard prints and wavy brush stroke patterns are still at the height of the trend right now. 

Zebra print or cow print jackets are a good way to add a pop of variation to a monochrome dress or outfit. Checkerboard and houndstooth are both gender neutral  patterns; try one on a sweater vest with a solid turtleneck for a nicer daytime outfit. Houndstooth skirts are also a very classy way to stay on top of fall fashion this year. If you’re a fan of Gossip Girl, take a bit of inspiration from Blair Waldorf and try a houndstooth skirt with translucent tights and a tight or tied white button down. 

My personal favorite way to wear a bold pattern is on my pants- bold patterned pants, cropped or tucked in shirt and simple accessories is a relaxed way to at least seem put together any day of the week. Pitaya and Pacsun are my favorite places to look for statement jeans.