Winter is out, Spring fashion is in

By Griffin Brammer, Kayla Ross, and Charlie Gstalder


Colors are in this spring. Don’t shy away from mixing and matching — banish your previous uniform of colorful tops with black bottoms in favor of color combinations. 

We’re moving away from the muted neutrals of fall. Utilize neons and patterns. A cute and easy way to do this is by picking a statement piece, whether it’s a fun and colorful jacket or a bright pair of jeans. 

The rest of the outfit can stay simple, surrounding the statement piece with neutrals and fun jewelry. Or, if you are feeling a little bit bolder, pick bright colors that complement each other, such as lavender and lime green or pink and orange. Fashion forecast: Pink and orange is the color combo of Summer 2022. 


There is lots of variety in bag looks this season. 

With bags, you want to mix and match with extremes. Consider a tiny bag in a bright color: less useful but certainly stylish. Looking for more function? Try a tote bag! Totes are perhaps the most versatile accessory, with their infinite design possibilities and simple but substantial carrying capacity. I’d recommend sticking to a neutral color tote; it’s classic and would give you the opportunity to play around with colors and patterns elsewhere in your outfit. 


Dust off your old 2011 North Face puffer — big, puffy jackets have been back in a big way this year. While solid colors like black and white are the classic choice, don’t be afraid to branch out and make your puffer a statement piece. 

Bold, primary colors can transform your outfit from mundane to sensational. Look no farther than Kanye West’s Yeezy x Gap puffer for evidence of how special a puffer can be when used well. 


The HBO Max series Euphoria has had an unexpected influence on fashion in many aspects. Not only the clothes the actors wear, but also the hair and makeup choices, have determined the trends of 2022 so far. Deep glittery hues of cobalt, neon pink and magenta are the main characters of Spring 2022. 

We’re seeing shimmer on everything: tops, hair and makeup. Do yourself a favor, and order the spray-on glitter now. Throw in one big bubble braid and some blue eyeliner, and you’re basically Maddy Perez. 

Era Inspo

As each fashion season has its prominent era of inspiration, this spring season is no different. While the ‘70s, with their denim flared bottoms and muted warm tones, have been on the up and up the past couple of seasons, we predict that Spring 2022 will be the climax of its resurgence. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s on the out, but it’s reached its metaphorical high point, so now’s the time to get your groove on. 

One era that has been on the steady rise for some time now is the early 2000s. This Y2K aesthetic has previously highlighted the grunge and punk movements that came with the late ‘90s and early 2000s, but recent trends have spotlighted the funkiness that made this era so special. 

With its pigtails, velour, low-waisted jeans and a special emphasis on reviving the colorful plastic aesthetic, the aughts’ bright rainbow camp is perfect for the spring.


Perhaps inspired by artists like Orville Peck and Kacey Musgraves, or maybe a new take on the “grandpa” aesthetic, a newfound love for southern style has reared its head. Trucker hats, big belt buckles and cowboy or pointed-toe boots are staple pieces for this vibe. 

These pieces added to a more traditional ensemble can give any outfit a bit of twang. Denim, crocodile skin and suede are all materials that can be used to elevate your cowboy vibe. 

If you really want to nail the Musgraves look, throw on a pink cowgirl hat and a touch of glitter. This neon cowgirl look has us thinking it takes a lot of money to look this cheap, per our queen Dolly Parton. 

Jewelry Hot Tips

Statement earrings are a bold way to accessorize, although there can always be too much of a good thing. If you are planning on a big statement earring, or if you’re a fan of the “multiple piercing” look, try to keep the rest of your jewelry choices simple. This doesn’t necessarily mean “one necklace, one ring” – you also have the option of choosing a set of layered, slimmer chains or smaller bands for rings. 

This suggestion goes for whatever jewelry piece you choose. Whether it be rings on each finger, a layered bangle look or eccentric pearl or beaded necklaces, just try to keep the rest of your accessories simple so as not to overdo your outfit.