The Lighter Side

Noisy sex, robo-hounds, hackers hack back

The hacked hack back: Computer chip making company Nvidia hacked vx-underground, after identifying the group as the hackers who stole over  one terabyte of data from the company (Feb. 26). 

In something straight out of a Black Mirror episode, scientists have created robot dogs to patrol the U.S. border. It remains to be seen whether the dogs will shoot laser beams out of their eyes or bark lethally sonic waves (Feb. 27).

A wave of noisy “sex mayhem” has straddled New York City. According to one study, 277 complaints concerning loud sex were reported last year. One complaint read: “For the love of God, stop these sex addicts. O to the R to the G to the Y. If you know how to spell and read, that is orgy,” (Feb. 28).

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New Yorkers were pounded by a wave of noisy sex and complaints.