Hot girl summer horoscopes


Aries: Men are collectibles. Don’t spend too much time or energy in one place this summer. 

Taurus: Don’t be too picky, because I know you mask your anxiety as “having high standards.” 

Gemini: Yeah, it’s hot girl summer. But always remember, sisters before misters! Take the cute pics, and go on a trip with the besties.

Cancer: You might be entering your relationship arc. I know that scares you, because deep down you don’t know if you’re capable of emotional intimacy, but I think you are. Probably. Your ex might disagree.

Leo: Please don’t get back with your ex. I know you love the unconditional attention he gives you, but he is still a male manipulator.

Virgo: Girl. The world is your oyster. Treat it as such. You are a delicacy, and playing hard-to-get never hurt anyone.

Libra: You’re still down bad for that one sneaky link. It’s ok; I get it, TBH. He’s cute and respectful. 

Scorpio: Lead men on for dates — free food and an excuse to wear your shopping addiction! 

Sagittarius: The hoe life isn’t for you. You’re going to be swept off of your feet really soon, bae. I’m manifesting it for you.

Capricorn: If your life was a movie, it would be How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. You have a wide roster, but you really just want that one to text you back.

Aquarius: Hot girl summer was named after you. You are #goals.

Pisces: Break up with them. You know it’s been a little dull and draining lately, but you like security and stability. You’re 19, though; life isn’t supposed to be stable.