Meet the SGA Candidates

Nick Jebsen and Noelle Delumpa

Hello Xavier, we are Nick Jebsen and Noelle Delumpa and are ecstatic to be running for Student Body President and Vice President, currently dedicated members of Xavier’s Student Government with strong records of leadership and proven results. We have developed outstanding positive relationships with administration, clubs, and students — necessary for the executives. Our goals outlined are feasible and deliverable for SGA, benefiting the student body greatly. 

SGA Qualifications: 

Nick, a Finance & Business Analytics major, minoring in Political Economy, has served for 2 full years on SGA, currently holding a leadership position on SGA as the Chairman of Campus On and Off Living Committee. He has served as a Manresa Group Leader, and as a Student representative on Athletic Advisory Board and Harassment Hearing board.  

Noelle, a PPP major, with an Economics minor, has served for 1.5 years on SGA. She holds current leadership on SGA as Chairwoman of the Academic Affairs Committee. She is a student representative on the University Committees for Public Honors, Academic Calendar, and Parking.  

We are both endorsed by 14 current SGA senators. 


We are “N’spiring More” with: 

  1. “MORE Game-day enjoyment” – Advocating for an enhancement to Xavier’s pregame/tailgating atmosphere for basketball games. Assistance from the administration would be beneficial in promoting a more relaxed, community-building, tailgating culture before games. We are already actively engaged in collaboration with campus organizations to shape the vision for this initiative. 
  2. “MORE Student-Preferred Development” – Pledged to prioritize student feedback in determining the selection of preferred restaurants, bars, and other development projects as administration asks for input, as we move forward with the campus master plan.  
  3. “MORE Equitable Funding” – Focused on enhancing student activity funds for clubs without imposing a financial burden on students.  
  4. “MORE Transparency” – Reintroduce Town Halls that allow students to communicate with administrators, along with our own weekly office hours.  
  5. “MORE Effective Nightlife Protocol” – Focused on working with Norwood PD to ensure student safety with the simultaneous ability to enjoy off-campus nightlife.