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Waves to catch while you’re surfing the web  By David Ludwig The Bored Button – boredbutton.com – It’s a button that takes you to a bunch of useless websites that will probably entertain you for a couple minutes at least.  Go ahead and give the button a few presses and see where it takes you. It’s better than sitting around doing nothing. Wikipedia – wikipedia.com – Go down a Wiki rabbit hole!  If you aren’t familiar because you’ve apparently never been bored, then all you have to do is go to a Wikipedia page for something you want to learn … Continue reading 4/9 Back Page

Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy

Organization to create a victims’ fund that will settle sexual assault lawsuits Amid allegations of sexual assault in the organization, the Boy Scouts of America (Boy Scouts) national organization has filed for bankruptcy. The organization has elected to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which is available to organizations that wish to redistribute their assets.  Also known as “reorganization bankruptcy,” Chapter 11 bankruptcy will allow the Boy Scouts to take funds from other areas in order to create a compensation fund that will aid in settling the sexual assault cases that are still pending. Founded in 1910, the Boy Scouts have … Continue reading Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy

The Back Page 11/13

Fictionary By Tess Brewer and the Copy Editors Vevon’t (Vee-vont): When a song is fire, but its music video is lukewarm at best (*cough “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” *cough) Vevoui (Vee-wee): When a song is mediocre at best, but its music video is a masterpiece (*cough “G-Slide” *cough) Vamage (Va-mage): Vocal damage. Usually asked from music major to fellow music major: “What’s your Vamage?”  Piounding (pee-on-ding): The uncontrollable urge to, in sight of a piano, run over and erratically smash the keys.   Solowet (So-lo-wet): Once in a lifetime experience of perfectly belting the notes to “Mr. Brightside.” Unfortunately, only occurs … Continue reading The Back Page 11/13