The Back Page 11/6

Missed Connections By David Ludwig | Guest Writer M4W-Supermarket I saw you in the dairy aisle, and I know this is a bit cheesy, but I thought our conversation was udder-ly amazing, and I hope you found my jokes amoozing. I never got your number, but I would love if you came to the comedy club tonight – I’d love to have an audience for once. M4M-Karaoke Bar I thought your rendition of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” last Saturday was outstanding! I was the one in the front row wearing a blue polo who gave you a standing ovation. … Continue reading The Back Page 11/6

Don’t Blink: Newswire Ink Stinks!

Writers discover that when you sling Ink, it tends to sling back By David Ludwig & Ellen Siefke | Staff Writer & Copy Editor In recent issues of the Newswire, we have featured stories covering everything ,including, but not limited to, campus news and sports, world news, music and movies. However, the observant, intelligent, funny and generally wonderful readers (by which we mean all of you) may have noticed a strange trend of the ink from pictures in the Newswire jumping between pages. Now, the normal person may simply assume that the drying ink transferred a stain when the paper … Continue reading Don’t Blink: Newswire Ink Stinks!