Clerk jailed for defying Supreme Court

By: Regina Wright ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of       Protestors advocating for the release of Kentucky county clerk, Kim Davis, gather outside Judge David Bunning’s home.

Breaking the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling made in June 2015 by failing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Kim Davis sits in jail for contempt.

Davis is a lifelong resident of Rowan County, Ky., where she works as the county clerk. On Friday Sept. 4, Rowan County issued their first same-sex marriage license after Davis was removed from the office.

Davis has held the position since Jan. 2015, but had been deputy clerk for 26 years. Making national news, Davis has been criticized for her personal life. She has had four marriages, two to the same man. Davis’s response is that this was a time before she became an Apostolic Christian four-and-a-half years ago.

Apostolic Christianity has a strict moral code to follow and interprets the bible literally. She has also been criticized for failure to separate her religion from her government job. Davis holds an elected position, in which she earned 53 percent of votes during the general elections of 2014.

Davis has her son, 21-year-old Nathan Davis, working as deputy. He also refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses but will not be jailed for contempt.

Davis said that she plans on remaining in jail until the government will allow her to continue her job without having to put her name on same-sex marriage licenses. Others have deemed Davis as a Christian martyr standing up for her rights and the beliefs of her religion. Regardless of public view, Davis will stay in jail until she cooperates by issuing samesex marriage licenses or resigns from office.