By: James Neyer ~Copy Editor~

When I was a kid, I shared a bedroom with my older brothers Matt and Jay. One night, my parents were out on a date, so some of my other older siblings, Ava, Luke and Mark, were babysitting. Normally, we had a fairly early bedtime, but because they were babysitting, we got to stay up really late. It was awesome! But when we went upstairs, we noticed someone in our room sleeping in our bed. We started freaking out, so we had Mark come up and investigate. He poked the “body” and declared, knowingly, that it was the corpse of someone who had died in our bed.

We were all incredibly scared, so we went downstairs and tried to get Ava to call the cops. Ava told us, however, that the phone lines were cut, and she could not call anyone. Eventually, our parents came home and found out what had happened. Mark and Luke, using a collection of hangers and laundry, created a fake body in the bed, and Ava pretended that the phone did not work. Although Mom and Dad were not happy with what they did, all of us remember it as one of the funnier pranks we pulled on each other.