Black Friday shopping is number one

By: Emily Brennan ~Guest Writer~

Ever experience someone using a crock pot as a weapon at Macy’s? Have you ever been used as a human ladder for a stranger so he or she could reach that last pair of yoga pants? If you answered “no,” then chances are you have not been involved in the madness that is Black Friday. It is the craziest shopping day of the year that really brings out some of humanity’s truest colors. Junior and Black Friday shopping connoisseur, Siobhan Sammon, gave a more in-depth look into the minds of the savings-hungry masses.

“I was standing in the mosh pit of a line at Best Buy trying to check out with my Star Wars Darth Vader one gallon cool mist humidifier. I am really excited about the new movie coming out, and I notice a lady in the line next to me is screaming that she is not going to make it. This was pretty worrisome to me because of course (I) wasn’t sure what kind of context she was using this in, and some people can get overly aggressive on Black Friday,” Sammon said.

“I started to realize as my line started to get closer to this woman that she was talking about having to use the bathroom. I have heard some pretty disgusting horror stories about Black Friday, but what I experienced here might be enough to keep me away for at least a year.”

“People were screaming to her that they would save her spot in line if she would just put down the Panini maker and run to the restroom. She ended up hanging onto that Panini maker for dear life and made it to the front of the line with extremely soggy pants. Although I was scarred with the image of that grown woman soiling herself, it was all worth it in the end to make it out alive with a sick Darth Vader humidifier.”

Best Buy Pic | Best Buy remains a favorite for Black Friday shoppers despite the fact that it did not make the top five best Black Friday deals. Consumers line up each year for hours to get technology at a discounted rate.