So you think you know Christmas

Quiz by: Hannah Cregan & Hana Priscu

  1. What Christmas item was traditionally used to keep Catholic school children quiet during Mass?

    A Garland

    B Candy Canes

    C Ribbon

  2. What did my true love give to me on the tenth day of Christmas?

    A Lords-a-leapin’

    B Golden rings

    C Maids-a-milkin

  3. What is the natural color of mistletoe berries?

    A Red

    B White

    C Green

  4. Why do I want my two front teeth for Christmas?

    A To pick up babes

    B For school pictures

    C To whistle

  5. The Grinch is as cuddly as a…

    A Cactus

    B Seasick crocodile

    C Bed of nails

  6. Where do all letters addressed to Santa in the United States go?

    A North Pole, NY

    B Santa Claus, Ind.

    C Christmas City, Utah

  7. According to Buddy the Elf, what are the four main food groups?

    A Reindeer food, elf food, Santa food and hot chocolate

    B Candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup

    C Candy, love, hugs and dreams

  8. How many years does a Christmas tree need to grow before it is ready to be cut and sold?

    A One year

    B Eight years

    C 15 years