Nintendo steps up its game with Switch

By: Jason Smith ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of | Formerly known as Nintendo NX, Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s seventh home console design and was revealed on Oct. 20. It features two detachable controllers on both sides, known as Joy-Cons.

The biggest mysteries of the Internet over the past year have been the rise of Harambe’s fame and Nintendo’s NX.

One of those mysteries has been solved. This past week, Nintendo unleashed a video upon the masses about its most closely guarded secret. No longer the NX, Nintendo’s newest console is now called the Nintendo Switch.

In what could be considered the most hipster video currently on the Internet, Nintendo demonstrated the power and novelty of its newest console. Set against the backdrop of the song “Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)” by White Denim, Nintendo’s newest machine is shown to seamlessly integrate into our future lives.

The people in these commercials love the Switch so much that they play it at home and on the go and enjoy themselves immensely. The funky music projects their enjoyment as their faces glow while they gaze at the Switch’s screen. You can start playing in your living room and then travel with it by using connecting controllers.

No more waiting to go home to play your console, Nintendo is attempting to shift paradigms here. The Switch will forever change our lives…or will it?

The video is a sexy piece of public relations, I concede that. Once again, we are all at the mercy of Nintendo’s secrecy. That makes this now popular YouTube video somewhat disappointing. Specs-wise, I’m sure it will impress us all to a degree, but Nintendo is on the ropes. Its last comeback with Amiibo figures has faded. Pokemon GO was a thing for a while, but where has that hype gone? Left with no choice, Nintendo was probably desperate to generate excitement for its latest piece of “paper-ware.”

Websites will speculate prices, and fans will debate. I, however, am skeptical. Novelty works for Nintendo for a while, but then it doesn’t. Its most successful novelty item is the 3DS and DS family of consoles, but WiiU disappoints. How can I not expect that the Nintendo Switch won’t eventually suffer the same fate?

We can all find out if it as fun as the people in the commercial are having on a mysterious day in March 2017.

That is when things will be new and different again, at least for a while.