Jokes and Japes for April Fool’s Day

By: August Dice ~Staff Writer~

1Spring has finally arrived. It may be stumbling in late and drunk already, but spring has come. With the warm winds of the season arriving abruptly one fine afternoon, we must now face what we have done to our bodies during the holiday season.

As the steady stream of family and food comes to an end, the time has come to decide what we want to do with ourselves post-hibernation.

I, for one, am going to keep doing what I have been doing this whole time: sit behind a computer and come up with plans that I have no intention of following through on.

So, in that tradition, please enjoy the following list of things to do on April Fool’s Day designed to assist you in properly making an ass of yourself as you misguidedly celebrate a holiday that is loosely related to The Canterbury Tales.

Be really kind in an attempt to throw people off at your change in demeanor.

Help a friend get through a difficult time and then say April Fools; that’ll show them!

Donate your time and/or money to the less fortunate… as a prank.

Compliment random people; they will never see that coming!

Get a job!

Call your parents and remind them what they mean to you; they fall for that one every time.

Sarcastically agree to help someone but then actually help them! Prank your wallet by actually saving and not spending frivolously.

Prank your partner with an unprompted present or show of affection.

Actually commit to a goal; that’ll show you!

By simply following this list, perhaps we can all make this the kindest April Fool’s Day ever. Now get out there and prank someone!