Freshman removes lanyard Acknowledged as a person by upperclassmen

By: Kyle Tooley ~Resident Thespian~

After realizing that none of her older friends wore a lanyard around their necks, freshman Jordan Marshall made the unprecedented decision to move to a lanyard-less existence for the first time since arriving at Xavier.

“I don’t have a car on campus, and my house keys from back in Cleveland do me no good here,” Marshall said. “It was tough to part with my lanyard, but I guess I’ll just keep my ALL Card in my wallet like the upperclassmen.”

1.pngFor decades, freshmen have been easily identified by the lanyards around their necks. They have always used the handy tools to make sure that people on campus know that they are, in fact, students at Xavier University. The theory is that if they can’t display their ALL Card matched with a colorful Xavier University-licensed lanyard, they may be mistaken as a regular 20-something roaming around campus.

“The only time I take my lanyard off is when I take a shower,” freshman Stevie Jenkins said. “I just love the feel of it. Plus it looks dope with my snapback Yankees hat.”

When asked if he had ever been let into an off-campus party while wearing his lanyard, Jenkins replied, “Never. How’d you know?”

Marshall’s actions may start a movement for freshmen across campus. Her friends even call her a hero. She does not see the decision as a big deal.

“Hero? No way,” Marshall said. “All I did was remove a burden and set myself free. The real heroes are the ones who said ‘no’ to lanyards from the onset.”

For questions about living a lanyardfree life, Marshall can be found at an upperclassman’s house, as she is no longer turned away at the door. If you can’t get into the house or would like to remain anonymous, visit http://www.takeoffthedamnlanyard. com.