Features Extras – 10/25/2017



1. This Peanuts character is the biggest believer in the Great Pumpkin.
2. This holiday occurs every October 31st.
3. The Walking Dead is about these monsters.
4. This sugary sweet was used as fake blood in Psycho.
5. The most controversial Halloween candy to exist.
6. Who you gonna call?
7. The head for the headless horseman.
8. Everyone’s favorite cousin from the Addams family.
9. Across: A friendly ghost. Down: What children wear on Halloween.
10. Everyone’s favorite three Hocus Pocus witches hail from this place.
11. This index finger’s favorite thing to say.
12. A famous play written during the time of the Red Scare.
13. Only this type of bullet will kill a werewolf.
14. Actress who plays everyone’s favorite grandma in Halloweentown.
15. The wickedest green witch of the west.
16. The scientist of Mary Shelley’s creation.
17. A teenage witch.
18. An Edgar Allan Poe poem.
19. Adjective synonymous with possessed.


Aries: No way, you will actually see the Great Pumpkin this Halloween!

Taurus: There is a fairly good, definite chance that your room is haunted. Who ya gonna call?

Gemini: You’ll find free parking downtown for your broom, how spell-tacular!

Cancer: It’s about to be a pretty witchy week.

Leo: Don’t forget to call your mummy, she’s been waiting by the phone for about 5,000 years.

Virgo: You will be first in line to buy all of the marked down candy the day after Halloween.

Libra: Hey did it hurt when you fell from heav—oh wait is that an angel costume.

Scorpio: There will be lots of uncertainty as to whether you’re walking through a real or fake spiderweb.

Sagittarius: Don’t let the boos get the best of you.

Capricorn: Follow the red balloon into the gutter, there you will find your destiny. #naturalselectionbaby

Aquarius: Your weekly mood 365 days of year is Wednesday Addams and it just intensified this week.

Pisces: A modern day horror story will happen tomorrow. Your phone will die with no charger in sight.