Features Extras – 11/15/17

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Thanksgiving Clip Art Dividers 12

Thanksgiving Crossword!



4. Monica Geller was obsessed with winning in this sport during a Friends Thanksgiving episode.

8. A holiday dedicated to giving thanks.

9. The best holiday after Thanksgiving that doesn’t occur in December.

11. One of the causes of the Irish famine and mass emigration.

13. A prayerful noun that people give thanks for.

15. This character meets his love interest on Thanksgiving in this famous boxing movie.


1. The last name of an artist who painted a famous Thanksgiving dinner painting from 1942.

2. This company has a huge annual parade in New York City.

3. Where the pilgrims first landed. (8 letters)

5. Both the name of a Middle Eastern country and a deli meat.

6. The pilgrims received this when they asked the Native Americans for gold.

7. A Peanuts character who has many holiday movie specials.

(note: there is a space for this word with the diagonal lines)

10. This part of your body will be full after dinner.

12. The number of days the first Thanksgiving lasted.

14. What is in a Build-A-Bear or a common Thanksgiving side.

Thanksgiving Clip Art Dividers 12


Aries: You will find the perfect sweatpants for eating Thanksgiving dinner at Target.

Taurus: Your flight will be delayed by two hours when leaving for break.

Gemini: There are no foreseeable arguments or awkward questions about your love life in your future this Thanksgiving dinner.

Cancer: Stand in front of the mirror and sing “over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go” three times for good turkey dinner vibes.

Leo: You will have the most intense work out on Black Friday when trying to get all of those sweet deals.

Virgo: This Thanksgiving, you will finally discover the secret Krabby Patty formula. Oh, and grandma will pass her pumpkin pie recipe down to you.

Libra: You will snuggle by the fireplace and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade with a very special pup.

Scorpio: You will become very insecure of how you pronounce any word every time you open your mouth.

Sagittarius: Be wary of those in your family, for they will take the last serving of mashed potatoes from you.

Capricorn: You will swipe right on Tinder and find the perfect Thanksgiving dinner date a day too late. Use them for Christmas instead!

Aquarius: Grandma will make your least favorite type of pie for dinner, but you will eat some anyway.

Pisces: You will receive an endless supply of Pillsbury Thanksgiving cookies.