Features: ‘How to Welcome Spring’ and Extras – 3/21/2018

Photo courtesy of Clare Dunn

How to Welcome Spring

Get out of your winter funk with this list of activities to get you through until Easter break, from being artsy to enjoying beautiful Cincinnati!

This Friday March 23, stop by Xavier University’s own art gallery in A.B. Cohen Center, located in the R-3 Lot, for a gallery reception of two seniors: Gabby Sapata and Clare Dunn, former editor for the Newswire. Sapata will be showcasing her installation art about Portuguese culture through her award-winning woodcut animations inspired by “traditional tile design, fishing communities and the longing we all have for a deeper connection to our roots.” Dunn will also be showcasing her own graphic novel, The Internship, similar to the “activist heart of old X-Men comics” and a demonstration of the “nitty-gritty of art making.” Not only will you see some phenomenal art done by some of Xavier’s finest, you will also be able to partake in free food, wine, punch and Portuguese music! Get your spring art groove on, support local artists and feel like an intellectual as you talk about modern art with your fellow peers.

Spring is the best time to be outside, and what better place to be than a park? Grab some friends, or even a hot date, and venture into the world beyond the Xavier bubble. You have your pick of parks like Eden Park for a beautiful overlook of the Ohio River valley, Ault Park where you feel like you are wandering in the countryside of some person of nobility or Smale Riverfront Park for some swinging as you look towardsthe Ohio River. You can even get a little crazy and bring a book to read along with your picnic. You could also continue the artsy theme by purchasing some canvases and painting a fun little scene to hang in your room. Who cares how it ends up looking? It’s a beautiful day, a beautiful location and you’ll seem like the next Michelangelo to all passersby. You’re well on your way to being the most aesthetic spring person in Cincinnati!

Feeling a little down that life just looks so bare without the flowers and leaves on the trees? I have just the remedy for you! Mosey on down to the Krohn Conservatory to explore Cincy’s year-around greenery and nature center. Take a few photos and post them to your social media to prove you’re blooming. You can even take a stroll through the enchanting butterfly gala, “Butterflies of Madagascar,” where more than 10,000 butterflies are loose in one of the greenhouses for visitors to mingle with and admire.

One final springtime event to help you truly embrace the best season of the year is Zoo Blooms. This event is at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden throughout all of April. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to go before Easter break, but if you’re sticking around the area and have nothing to do on Sunday or Monday of break, this is a great option! Watching the zoo “transform into a magnificent explosion of color…the Cincinnati Zoo offers one of the largest tulip displays in the Midwest.” If that doesn’t scream spring, I don’t know what will, but it really seems like a sight to behold! You could even visit some of the zoo animals; be on the lookout for baby animals that will just make your heart swell up and remember why spring means new life.

Whatever you end up doing to welcome the new season, I hope you find a way to get out of that winter funk that causes you to want to do nothing but stay inside all day. Life is happening before your eyes, so go out and enjoy it by taking advantage of Cincinnati’s most art and nature filled events!

By: Monica Schweiger ~Features Editor~



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Aries: You’re pure hearted and considerate, so you should take five minutes out of your day to empower some women in your life because of She Will XU.

Taurus: You’ll get an annoying headache and you’re not sure why, but you should definitely take a nap.

Gemini: You never know when the government is reading your information. From now on, only talk in wingdings.

Cancer: Who cares about that next test you have before break? All that matters is that you can finally visit Disney.com without asking for an adult’s permission!

Leo: In your next job interview, say your only strength is that you know how to turn on all showers.

Virgo: De-stress by coloring in some artwork at your local Olive Garden. Don’t worry about buying food because when you’re there, you’re family.

Libra: Never forget that your horoscope is the Krusty Krab and all other horoscopes are the Chum Bucket.

Scorpio: I foresee the next few weeks not being nearly as productive as they should be, but you will have an academic epiphany while watching “Vines That Butter My Eggroll.”

Sagittarius: Palm Sunday? It’s finally your day to be recognized for your amazing palms! #handmodelstatus

Capricorn: Hi, so sorry, but my daughter is selling Girl Scout cookies and she wants to go to camp this summer, so can I have that sale?

Aquarius: You need to work on your communication skills, and what better way than a team bonding experience of building IKEA furniture?

Pisces: Are you worried about how to write that research paper for class? Don’t worry, the stars have the best idea: Don’t write it.

This post was assembled and written by Features Editor Monica Schweiger.