Features: “A Caf Girl’s Guide to the Caf” and Extras

Photo courtesy of Safely Endangered

This past semester I started working at our beloved cafeteria. Love it or hate it, it’s where you’ll spend a lot of time during your Xavier career, and, if you’re on campus, you’re paying a lot for it, so you shouldn’t take it for granted. Here are a couple tips and tricks I’ve learned in my short caf career so far.

  • Turn your phone off Walk into the caf with your phone off and put it away. If you’re on the phone, warn the person before you get to the front desk. It’s common courtesy.
  • Don’t get me sick, please! – If you see me use hand sanitizer nine times out of 10 it’s because your ALL Card was sticky, coughed on or mysteriously stained bright red. Yes, I noticed.
  • Keep your eyes peeled – Look to see if a register is counting money or doing a confusing transaction, there’s a reason we have two cashiers, so take advantage of it and let us count in peace!
  • You’re not that slick – Yes, we know that when you want us to use your regular swipes instead of your guest swipes on guests you say “can you swipe twice,” and no, it doesn’t change the fact that I will enforce the rules. Also, if you’re going to go out of your way to use someone else’s ALL Card (don’t), at least match the race/gender. Unlike your fake at Cancun, we actually look at your ALL Card.
  • Say hi to us! – A simple act of eye contact or a quick hello makes us feel appreciated, and it helps pass the time, too. Just don’t linger, we are working!

Caf Secret Menu

  • Caf-uccino – Mix three scoops of chocolate ice cream and one scoop of vanilla ice cream for a frap in the caf.
  • Under 21 Root Beer Float – Swirl some vanilla ice cream into a cup and find the only soda stream with Mug root beer for a delicious and refreshing treat!
  • Starbies on a Budget – Get a cool glass of plain Tropicana lemonade and ask for a packet of Tazo Passion Tea from the front. Steep the tea in the cold lemonade and stir well for a refreshingly tart beverage!

By: Brittany Wells ~Staff Writer~



  • Pi Day
  • St. Patrick’s
  • Dana’s
  • Irish
  • Cheesecake
  • Nashville
  • Trashketball
  • Bye Ryan’s Pub
  • Kardashian
  • American Idol
  • DACA
  • Apple Pie
  • Pecan
  • Caf
  • Walkout


Aries: I’m sensing that you will be spending your Saturday at an Irish bar just down the street, but I have no idea why.

Taurus: Don’t go searching for rainbows this Saturday because you’re already gold.

Gemini: You need to cleanse yourself of your two-faced ways, so for the next week, do all the truths on the 5 gum packaging.

Cancer: Buy a ticket for SAC’s paintball trip this Friday for your own 10 Things I Hate About You moment.

Leo: Not only is Fortnite still ruling your entire life, but it is also the number of days until Easter break!

Virgo: The best U.S. state for you to live in is O-pie-o where your happiness level on a scale from one to five will be above 3.14.

Libra: You will find tickets and a ride to Nashville for the game last minute. Cheer for the Muskies and get discovered as the next big country singer!

Scorpio: Down with social media and texting, only e-mail the people you want to talk to. It’s your destiny to make electronic mail trendy again.

Sagittarius: Skip class and go on a road trip to Pie Town, N.M.; it will be a piece of pie to make up your course load!

Capricorn: The fate of Xavier basketball rests on you! Every time Xavier shoots, you have to make a basket in trashketball.

Aquarius: The secret to getting a good grade is to give your teacher an apple every single day, but you need to be creative with your presentation.

Pisces: Treat yourself to a night on the town because you’re young, dumb and broke, but it’s ok because Xavier will be the NCAA champs!

This post was assembled by Features Editor Monica Schweiger.