Keeping up with the KardaPups

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail | A new Kardashian spinoff featuring the family’s dogs will be coming to screens soon.

E! News announced its newest show: Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Pet Edition. The wild success of the Kardashian family and their subsequent reality TV shows have led to several spinoffs, including Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami and The Life of Kylie. The newest show will feature the dogs of the famous family.

Executive producers of the previous shows pored extensively over the lives of the family to find an aspect that has not previously been exploited on camera. After the launch of makeup lines, weddings, baby showers and births, they came to the conclusion that the only reasonable next step was the family’s pets.

“I am so excited this is finally happening,” sophomore Abby Bellman said. “TMZ just doesn’t keep me updated on the family pets like I need to be.”

The show will feature Honey (Kourtney) and twin pomeranian Sushi (Kim, pictured above), Norman (Kylie), Bambi (Kylie) and their puppies Harley and Rosie (Kylie). Early teasers for the show allude to the fact that Sushi will be the main driver of the drama-packed show, featuring a couch-destroying rampage.

The pilot show will be a two-hour special that focuses on the death of the family dog, Gabbana. The dogs are all seen in black bow ties around a $30,000 white marble mini casket holding the lab’s corpse.

The show is only expected to last one season, as the humans of the family have a mysterious tradition of keeping their pets for a maximum of one year. Producers have hinted that the season finale will finally give fans answers to where these shortly-beloved animals go.

The show will have guest appearances from Justin Bieber’s pets. Bieber is also notorious for very briefly keeping pets. Bieber’s featured pets will include monkey Mally and snake Johnson.

By: Jessica Griggs ~Resident Kardashian Writer~